The year 2018 opening up a scope of opportunities for the chainsmokers

The year 2018 has seen the duo, chainsmokers being part of the billboard rating. They were named number one on billboard category of new dance 100 lists. The award came with an encouragement of how diverse their range of music is and how inspiring they have been since they made their first debut.

It is for one to be on the assumption that the journey has been easy for them. But looking back in the previous year, they had missed the top 100. They were placed at the top one hundred and ten position. But this did not discourage them instead they kept on focusing on winning. Their passion, dedication, and love for music seems to have paid off in the next year as they comfortably banged the top position.

As we take a keen eye on how their music is doing, the charts are the only indication of their growth. With YouTube and Spotify giving artists and music lovers a chance to interact when it comes to music, they are also a perfect avenue of gauging the growth of the music. For chainsmokers, one of their singles ’’Closer’’ which was released in the year 2016 pulled a surprise. Most of the times with artists releasing new songs frequently the old music may be archived.With chainsmokers, it was a different case since the song did hit three billion views on YouTube in February 2018. Sick boy, which was released in January also received forty million views on YouTube.

On top of the many good news in the year 2018, one of their singles for February made it to the top five Billboard under 100 singles category. With Spotify and YouTube again their latest release,’’ everybody hates me’’ had nine million listeners. This was surprising since the song was only an audio and the duo is yet to release the video for the song.

With all the gleaming success, the duo also managed to be awarded in three different categories in the July, iHeart Radio Awards. This clearly shows that they are going places. Their live performances are considered to be the best when it comes to rating. Recently they pulled a surprise to their fans in one of the concerts by bringing, Haley on stage. They did a collabo with her on their smash hit, ’’closer and it had and still has everyone talking.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of “The Chainsmokers”

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are members of the musical duo called The Chainsmokers. The type of music they play is a form of music that goes well with dancing. They use a lot of electronic generated music in their songs. They add a certain human element to their music and they don’t want to be looked at as just a couple of DJ’S sitting behind a console and coming up with random beat music. They want to make their brand of dance music stand out and they try to personalize it with their own thoughts and feelings. In a form of music that is many times sterile of emotions they want to assert emotion into it.


Alex Pall practiced as a hobby being a DJ when he was growing up. He was able to find some work at the time in New York City but he looked at it as a part time thing and not a full time career. Over time this began to change and he began to take his music career more seriously. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart and they saw that they could work together and that is how the music duo got started.


Andrew Taggart liked electronic music before it became main streamed. He didn’t let this stop him from moving forward. As it became more popular it helped to encourage him. He knew that he was on the right path to something possibly big. When he first met Alex they knew right away that they would be a good fit for each other. The two began to practice every day in Andrew’s apartment and eventually it all came together. They were very insightful as to what was working in the music scene and also what wasn’t working. They were both very ambitious and bent on becoming a success. They both went on a journey in which they pushed themselves musically. They didn’t want to look at this as just being a job. It was to be something fun to do that also paid their bills and that is just what has happened to The Chainsmokers.