Elena Ford Is Ready For The Thrills And The Challenges In The Ford Motor Company’s Future

The Ford Motor Company, like other automobile makers, is restructuring its short-and-long-term business models. The news that the 116-year-old company is closing factories in Spain, Germany, and in the U.K. shocked people on both sides of the Atlantic. More than 54,000 will be looking for other jobs when the downsizing comes to an end in Europe. Some of those Ford workers will retire, and others will switch professions. Ford has decent global market share, but with the dawn of self-driving and electric cars, the company won’t be the same company Henry Ford built.

Henry Ford built an automobile empire. And his family kept his spirit alive by still owning and making decisions for the company. The Ford family wants to better connect with their new and loyal customers. Some people suggested Ford needs a visual member of the Ford Motor Company during the transformation from gas-powered electric and self-driving trucks, SUV’s, and cars.

Elena Ford, the great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford, is now Ford’s Chief of Customer Experience Officer. Fifty-two-year-old Elena Ford knows the interworking’s of the Ford Motor Company but she also has global dealer and customer experience history. She’s been the vice president of the global dealer and Ford customer experience division of the company.

Ford is the second largest carmaker in the United States and the fifth largest in the word. In 2017, Ford’s revenue topped $156 billion. But the trade war with China, the Brexit debacle, as well as the 2019 corporate growth projections, calls for serious internal changes. And putting Elena Ford in charge of the global customer experience is a smart move, according to automotive experts. As a Ford, Elena Ford brings 116 years of experience to the job. Making Ford feel more like a big family-type experience will help the company deal with their European and Asian customers

With Elena at the helm, Ford will make every customer feel the positive Ford presence. According to Ford, every aspect of the Ford buying experience will be a smooth one. Elena Ford has the qualifications and the will to make that happen.