Vijay Eswaran And The QI Group Expand Their Work Across Asia And The World

There is much to enjoy and respect about the way Vijay Eswaran has gone about turning his own QI Group into one of the world’s top direct sales companies; Eswaran has worked tirelessly to create an environment of respect that reaches down from the very top of the company to all employees. The QI Group has grown from its initial starting point in 1998 as a specialist in commemorative coins and precious metals to become one of the world’s top direct sellers of luxury goods and lifestyle products.

Vijay Eswaran is always looking for the best ways of making sure the brand he first envisioned while working as a taxi driver in the U.K. after completing his studies at the London School of Economics continues its remarkable rise. A recent partnership with Manchester City Football Club is seen as mutually beneficial for both organizations, but it is also seen as a link that goes far further than simply reflecting the business sense of these business leaders; Vijay Eswaran explained he felt Manchester City had a long history of working within the local community in England in a similar way to how his own QI group operates in the communities it has become successful within.

The growth of Qi Group reflects the ambition Vijay Eswaran has held throughout his life that took him to major companies, such as IBM to gain experience in globally recognized businesses. Eswaran now believes his own instincts play an important role in the business world he has created at QI; building a winning team is now more important to Vijay who begins each day with a period of meditation that allows him to focus and filter out the aspects of life that may not be important to him during each working day.