Artificial Intelligence Is Smart

Our world of technology is amazing. It seems to change almost constantly. Now computers are able to “see” and determine pictures like humans. How is this possible? Gurus such as

Marc Zuckerberg uses artificial intelligence or AI so that computer systems can help the visually impaired “see” by recognizing the image and then explaining it.

Slyce and Techcrunch has it thatVisual search, otherwise known as computer vision, are being used more frequently than ever before. Safety features on cars have utilized this AI system. It is not just contained to computers and deeper learning. The annual LVD Vision summit, which dedicates it’s attention to all technological advancements, has had its third meeting of the minds (more information can be found at:

Everything from personal gadgets to medical imaging are advancing. These advancements make many things possible that were once thought unattainable. The area of computer vision benefits from open-source learning technology. Many experts think artificial intelligence is the next big step in technology and it’s advancement.

In the area of image technology tools, here are several being used today. Open data is the sharing of images that are tagged accompanied by keywords that explain the image. One company that excels in this area is ImageNet. Started in 2009 with 80,000 images, it has grown to include over 14 million today.

With an image base, now you need open-source software libraries. These libraries are free and the serve different computer vision applications. These learning systems use the image base. Another aspect of this new technology is Hosted APIs.

This is an image detection service a company can use so they do not have to develop a computer vision team. Small businesses can even develop a customized data base of images that are just applicable to their business. They have no need for the enormous data base with millions of images, so they can customize their own. Read more about it: Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

With these advancements in technology, computers are becoming more and more helpful to our everyday lives. Whether it is personal or business related, technology and its improvements help shape this new age in which we live.

One of the leading visual search providers for businesses is Slyce. It is a mobile app that connects customers with retailers. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Slyce opened in 2013. Co-founded by Cameron Chell, Slyce is setting a high standard for others to follow.