Venezuela’s Army Runs Critically Short On Food

Soldiers in Venezuela are struggling with shortages. They are not at crisis levels in regards to ammunition, weapons, and technology. The soldiers have a very limited supply of food. So disastrous is the limited supply of food, soldiers have resorted to steal goats for food.
The sad situation chronicles just how awful the situation in the country has become.

An incredibly interesting development has emerged regarding the media reporting of the current economic and political landscape in Venezuela. Even those who have only been peripherally following the situation in Venezuela know the country has been suffering from near economic collapse. News reports detailing the situation in Venezuela has been, at times, harsh. The theft of people’s farm animals might be the harshest report of all.

Gruesome stories about soldiers stealing goats for food is hardly going to improve perceptions about how dire the situation is. The old saying shared by Danilo Diaz Granados “An army travels on its stomach” is rooted in horrible stories of starving troops dealing with the brutal winters of the western and eastern fronts in World War One and World War Two.

Venezuela is not at war” added Danilo Diaz. The economic strain on the military is derived from the financial crisis the government is facing. The government has not paid numerous creditors and various imports are not making their way to Venezuela. Food products are among them. Both the military and civilian populations are suffering as a result.