CEO Is Venezuela’s Financial Guru

Financial industry professional David Osio is one of the most accomplished CEO’s in the industry. In his role as CEO of Davos Financial Group, he serves select clientele with expert financial services and expert management.

The Venezuela-based company is one of the most comprehensive in South America. So successful, the company has expanded their offices to New York City, Geneva and Miami to name a few. The company website gives a full listing of office locations.

Osio’s experience extends back over 25 years. Before his stint at Davos, he worked for Banco Latino International in Miami. He served in the capacity of vice president and also worked in mergers and acquisitions and marketing strategies. Osio is recognized for helping the company gain significant portfolio growth and a strong international standing. Osio also worked in Caracas at Escritorio Juridico MGO.

Over the years, Osio expanded his credentials. He received portfolio management training and United States capital markets courses at The Finance Institute of New York, management training at Swiss Bank Corp., commercial lending seminars at Chase Manhattan Bank and he finished his law degree at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello.

Osio is considered a key player in the Venezuelan markets due to his vast experience and educational training. “I sharpened my skill set in New York,” said Osio. “The banks offered courses that really helped me grasp everything I needed to know about finance.” Osio says his law degree has also come in handy when navigating through the markets.

Osio’s company has helped a variety of businesses, large and small, reach their financial goals. The staff of highly trained financial professionals tailor a program to fit the needs of the company. The sound financial planning helps companies gain more capital and become stronger. Osio has written several articles regarding risk tolerance. His information is highly-regarded by many professionals. “His information is one of the main reasons why I am no longer lost,” said an industry professional.

Osio is committed to helping a number of local philanthropic organizations. He has given and helped raise money for the Venezuela Orthopedic Children’s Hospital and The Miami Symphony Orchestra.

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