Donald Trump Parody Gets Out of Hand


With an upcoming election on its way, all of the current presidential candidates have been fiercely slinging mud at each other. The name calling and humiliation tactics being used have been more like a no-holds-barred wrestling match instead of a professional political election as it should be. Besides what the candidates say about each other, the media has also had a field day making fun of them. And, their favorite one to hate on is of course Donald Trump. 

Recent headlines have been discussing a parody about him that was done on television. In it, his name is changed to “Donald Drumpf”, which was actually a earlier version of the name Trump’s family previously used. The parody led someone to make a Wikipedia page about “Donald Drumpf” that appears to be set for deletion by Wikipedia. Because of the site’s rules about pages being accurate and reliable, parody based pages do not qualify of course. Unfortunately, the process for Wikipedia to remove the page is taking time, and others can still see it. 

All of the false information that was put on Wikipedia about Donald Trump could have been removed more quickly if he had used a Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki. Vandalized pages and those that are intentionally filled with inaccurate information can be edited per the site’s rules. But, you have to constantly monitor your Wikipedia page to know when something like that happens to it or hire Wiki experts to update Wiki pages for you. Get Your Wiki can do all of that and more. They can quickly remove vandalism while still following Wikipedia’s set guidelines, and keep an eye out in case anyone ever tries to do it again.

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