Todd Levine Is Included on Best Lawyers List 2019

The September 2018 publication of PR Newswire reports The Best Lawyers in America© recognizes the Miami law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. in the list’s 2019 edition. For its compilation, The Best Lawyers list is selected during a thorough peer review evaluation with almost 87,000 eligible voters worldwide selecting from approximately 10 million entries.


The private law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine, P.L. retains offices in Miami, Boca Raton, and Minneapolis. These attorneys litigate a range of lawsuits, with each attorney offering a skill set honed for a particular area of expertise. Historically, they have handled construction and commercial real estate cases, entertainment, sports, and fashion law, family, probate, and trust disputes, and class action lawsuits.


Todd Levine, a Founding Member and attorney, is known for his creatively innovative problem-solving methods when dealing with roadblocks in his clients’ cases. Attorney Levine specializes in business disputes and real estate litigation in particular. He handles cases for real estate brokers and developers, individual and institutional property owners, investors, and contractors.


According to the firm’s website, Todd Levine and his partners strive to settle cases out of court whenever possible. Should a case proceed to court, the attorney assigned fights diligently for the client regardless of how contentious the matter becomes. Todd Levine uses his creative approach to win the case while maintaining the client’s business goals and integrity.


In his professional profile, Todd Levine reveals his focus on sports and entertainment clients’ litigation issues. Because he is a musician and artist in his private life, he has an empathy for expressing the viewpoints and objectives of these clients in the courtroom. Levine obtained a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Florida in 1991, with honors. While attending, he founded the Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Society.

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Clayton Hutson on running a music production company

When event organizers and musicians need a live sound engineer or production manager they call on none other than Clayton Hutson. He has even designed concert venues wooing audiences and big time musicians alike.


Creating a concept for a concert venue from scratch is what Clayton knows by heart. He own his own music production company dedicated to delivering only the best service. Every little detail cannot be left to change when he’s in charge. He triple checks everything from lighting, to audio, and everything in between. Mr. Hutson is always the first one to arrive at work, rising at around 6am in the morning and is the last one to leave. Clayton starts his work day by making multiple lists, checks the equipment, and makes a storage area for all the equipment. This all takes a considerable amount of time but Mr. Hutson does it with ease.


His business came to be when at the height of the recession Clayton was working for another production company and decided it was time to start his own. He had accumulated plenty of knowledge and skills from his work history and was ready to just just into the pool of entrepreneurship. Clayton Hutson recently started working for Kid Rock as his stage manager. He and his team make sure to get everything done on time and are very efficient. It is often overlooked when it comes to the end of the concert and just the beginning and during the show. At the end of each concert you have to break down the stage and pack away all the equipment. Clayton looks at all aspects of his work and that is why his reputation as a hard worker is very solid.


Clayton Hutson background in the music industry is a well traveled road. He is very skilled and is knowledgeable when it comes to putting on a good show. He received a thorough education to give him a good solid foundation to start from. Clayton attended Central Michigan University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Design. He continued on to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he worked hard to get his Master’s degree in Business Administration.


Mr. Hutson lives in Glendale, California and is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. He also loves to collect hats, all kinds, from all over the world. With a real sense of professionalism and tact the production manager and live sound engineer has worked for the likes of only the biggest musicians on the scene including Garbage, Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and Pink. Learn more:

TMS Health Solutions and Thorough Depression Assistance

TMS Health Solutions is a company that cares about innovative therapy for people who have clinical depression. It’s a company that indicates that people can successfully treat mental health matters such as depression. There have been so many human beings who have had to endure clinical depression and all of its setbacks for so long. TMS Health Solutions aims to assist them for good. It’s a Northern California operation that supplies people with all-encompassing psychiatry options. People who want help with the management of medication can lean on TMS Health Solutions. There are many individuals who in the United States who feel like they have no choice but to tolerate depression that’s treatment-resistant. That’s the reason TMS Health Solutions offers TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Therapy) therapy to patients in the area. This is a treatment that has the backing of the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It’s a non-invasive choice that’s suitable for people who do not get positive results from the use of antidepressants. It’s appropriate for individuals who do not get positive results from depression treatments overall.

There are various senior leaders who promote smooth sailing at TMS Health Solutions. Richard Bermudes, MD is the senior leader who made TMS Health Solutions happen a number of years ago. He’s the firm’s Chief Medical Officer. Ara Chackerian is its General Partner. Brad Hummel is its Chief Executive Officer. Some of the other adept people who make TMS Health Solutions move forward each day are Sacramento regional medical director Kevin Rosi, San Francisco regional medical director Oana Galicki, Finance and Operations Vice President Jeremy Gimbel and TMS Education Director Karl Lanocha. TMS Health Solutions receives in-depth assistance from several trustworthy advisors as well. These people have expansive knowledge that involves the clinical depression realm. Mark Cooper comprehends the IT (Information Technology) sector in a big way. Murray Zucker is an experienced psychiatrist who knows a lot about guiding health plans. He knows a lot about managing big group practices, too.

TMS Health Solutions can assist individuals who wish to decide whether they have clinical depression. The TMS Health Solutions staff can assist individuals who wish to pinpoint key signs of clinical depression. Typical signs are bleakness, nonstop nervousness, restless actions, unusually slow motions, focusing difficulties and suicidal emotions. People who consider suicide or anything similar tend to be individuals who have clinical depression. TMS Health Solutions wants to eliminate depression in human beings forever.

The Efforts from TMS Health Solutions have Brought About Innovative Therapies for Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions offers alternative treatments for mental health conditions such as clinical depression and anxiety. Based in California, this organization offers outpatient services for people who have shown a resistance to traditional drug therapies. This company currently has six facilities located between San Francisco and Oakland, with 25 more locations in development. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes, the mission of this company was to provide patients with effective treatments for mental illness through the processes of research and development. The efforts TMS Health Solutions has made in this area have helped bring about community awareness as well as revolutionary new treatments.

TMS Health Solutions employs a team of professional psychiatrists and staff members who have committed themselves to providing the best possible solutions to people who suffer from mental health conditions. They place their focus on finding treatments that are more effective at reducing or eliminating the symptoms associated with conditions such as clinical depression, to help improve a patient’s quality of life. This company utilizes an innovative therapy known as transcranial magnetic therapy or TMS, which has proven to be an effective treatment for patients who have shown a resistance to traditional drug therapy.

According to recent studies by the Center for Disease Control, at least 6 percent of the population will have an episode of depression this year. Although not all episodes of depression become categorized as clinical, more than 40 percent of patients who have clinical depression have been found to be resistant to drug therapies. Since the debilitating symptoms of this type of depression do not go away on their own, treatments such as TMS, have become extremely beneficial solutions. This innovative therapy was cleared by the FDA in 2008 as part of a process to provide safe and effective drug free therapies.

Transcranial magnetic therapy involves the use of electromagnetic pulses, which are transferred to the brain via electromagnets which are positioned on the head so that they lie over the area of the brain associated with the regulation of moods. Generally performed in an office setting, this is a non-invasive procedure. Since no sedation is involved, patients can leave and resume their daily activities immediately after their therapy has been completed. A single TMS session could take between 30 to 60 minutes, which could run for a period of four to six weeks. This method of therapy has proven to be an effective alternative for many individuals.

GoBuyside Among the Most Powerful Recruitment Platforms

The company of GoBuyside has been around or a handful of years, helping businesses recruit the right people for the right positions. The recruitment platform works predominantly with hedge funds, companies fro Fortune 500, private equity firms, advisory platforms, as well as investment managers.

The GoBuyside platform uses proprietary technology and has a thorough approach towards finding the top-tier candidates for any position. The global recognition that the company has achieved over the years makes it an attractive service to more than 200 clients from around the world. The talent network of the corporation expands across 10 000 firms and more than 500 cities around the globe. The GoBuyside platform has laced talent for their clients in cities around the United Kingdom, China, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Canada Brazil, and many other countries around the globe.

Based in the United States of America, GoBuyside was started up in 2010. Up to date, the growth of the company is staggering, and there are several projects for expansion underway. The corporation offers assistance on a variety of projects. In Market Researching, the GoBuyside platform provides clients with competitive analysis of market analytics as well as researching entry plans of new markets, among other services.

In the sales fo business, GoBuyside does presentation developments, company valuation, benchmarks, and more. For the raising of capital, GoBuyside offers advisory services on presentation as well as strategic growth plans, among others. In terms of managing one’s business, GoBuysideserves, its clients with financial projections, analysis of the operating process, as well as improvement of their pricing strategy.

GoBuyside work on other projects as well. For growing the business, GoBuyside provides marketing collateral and marketing plans, as well as new market entry plan, and more. If you are looking for help with starting your business, GoBuyside can provide you with a personalized business plan as well as a presentation development, and other analysis, among other services.

All in all, the GoBuyside is a robust recruitment platform, in less than a decade the corporation has established itself in 16 countries and more than 500 cities. The GoBuyside recruitment platform is present in all continents and has been working with some of the most significant global brands in a variety of markets.

The extremely wide talent network of well over 100 000 people can provide the right person for the job in a variety of industries. The recruitment platform of GoBuyside has been working with hundreds of clients operating in the sectors of commerce and e-commerce, auto retail, telecommunications, banking and investment, real estate, biotechnology, and more.

The business of the GoBuyside has been recognized globally as the recruitment platform has established a favorable reputation in its line of work.

GoBuyside – Recruitment with Assured Success

GoBuyside is a New York-based company that screens and chooses executives for various industry roles. GoBuyside has a significant global presence. Its operations are spread over as many as 16 countries and 52 cities all over the world. It has a large customer base of as many as 400 patrons. It is a large organization that constitutes 10,000 companies in total. GoBuyside also provides consultation services. It selects professionals who are the best in their field and gives clients the opportunity to employ them at reasonable payments. GoBuyside has a history of collaboration with top Fortune 500 and other investment groups such as Vista Equity partners, Catterton Partners, TGP Capital, Apollo Management,  Advent International and Apax Partners.

GoBuyside recruits executives in diverse areas. These include market research and strategic planning, marketing policy development, fundraising, and performance evaluation. It also assists strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat surveys and business operations.

The recruitment process goes through three stages. First, a privileged profile is developed for the candidate. This is done by screening the professional information provided by the candidate. Once this profile is created, the candidate can oversee employment options and payments. Finally, the candidate collaborates with the firm’s executives to locate best career positions and posts that match well with personal goals. This process is transparent and convenient. A candidate can quickly update or modify his or her profile to best reflect his or her skills. The system is smooth, and each recruit has easy access to the vast opportunities offered By GoBuyside. He or she can then make an informed decision to choose the best employer to match his or her skill set.

GoBuyside has received several positive reviews from hedge funds, both middle-market and large equity companies. GoBuyside has facilitated hiring in these firms to a large extent, making the complicated job of recruitment a simple one. Arjun K is one of the co-creators of GoBuyside and has been serving as the manging partner since 2011. He graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business in Business Administration. He further studied Economics at the John Hopkins University. The head of business management is Stephen Sihelnik. The commitment and focus of the founders and directors of GoBuyside have been instrumental to their success.

GoBuyside has a significant social media presence as well, with a large number of followers. They have a large network of firms that utilize their services to recruit the best performers in various fields. Their candidates have been placed in top position in businesses all over the world. The global impact of GoBuyside is exemplified by the worldwide companies where its recruits have taken up positions. GoBuyside has ensured that a meaningful collaboration between recruits and employers is possible through its services.

Dick DeVos: A Champion For Change

When there is anything of importance happening in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, you can bet that Dick and Betsy DeVos are going to have a hand in it. They have been influential power brokers in that area of the country for so very long. You can trace back some of their influence as far as 1991.


During that year, the city had proposed a multi-sports complex to be built right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. This did not go over well with the DeVos family. They instead wanted to avoid letting their little city go down that route, as they had seen what had happened to some other Michigan cities when similar plans were proposed. Namely, those cities suffered as a result.


The couple fought the plan, and instead proposed a number of other cultural buildings that might attract tourists and also be of use to the local population. Guess which plan won out in Grand Rapids at the end of the day? That’s right, the DeVos plan.


They are both heirs to family fortunes, and they have used that money to help build out their political and economic influence. They have often worked on projects to try to help shape the face of them in ways that they believe will be more beneficial to a particular area.


The two are also well-known as mega-donors to the Republican Party. They have found a home for their viewpoints on labor and education within that party, and that has pushed them to donate more and more to the party that they believe more accurately represents them and their views. That did not go unnoticed when President Donald Trump was on the search for a Secretary of Education. He looked out and found Betsy DeVos waiting in the wings. She is know the nation’s Secretary of Education.


While the two are best known for their political activism, lets not brush over the fact that they have been generous with their wealth in a lot of ways as well. They have at times given away portions of that money to worthy causes. It has not been just some small amounts either, but rather significant chunks to the kind of charities they believe in. You can see their footprint in the literally hundreds of millions of dollars that they have at times given away.


There are children’s hospitals that have gone up as a result of their giving, and of course plenty of their resources have gone towards things like childhood educational causes. These are just the kind of things that you can expect them to be involved with.


The lessons that the couple has learned from both the political and business worlds have not fallen on deaf ears. Rather, they take every opportunity to apply what they know to challenge the status quo and try to make things better for us all. In doing so, they have made the lives of countless people better without expecting anything in return for doing so. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Transcends Class As He Rises To Top Of Brazilian Banking Game

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born into lowly circumstances in 1951. He grew up in the small town of Marilia, Sao Paulo and attended school there. He developed into an excellent student, getting nearly all As throughout his time in high school.

Trabuco had aspirations to attend college, but neither he nor his family had sufficient money to send him to a decent college. After he graduated, he was therefore forced to jump into the labor market, looking for any job that he could find. But Trabuco did not have any interest in performing manual labor or other menial tasks. He had always harbored a strong interest in numbers and finance. It struck his fancy when he saw a help-wanted sign being displayed in the window of one of the local banks.

The branch belonged to a bank that, at that time, was confined to the city of Marilia. Known as Bradesco, it had expanded from just one branch over the previous 20 years into one of the city’s more prominent lending institutions. Trabuco walked in and was granted an interview. He was surprised by how quickly he was called back. He had been hired.

Over his first year at the bank, Trabuco learned the tasks demanded of him with an uncommon speed. His employers took notice of his abilities, and, soon, he was given a promotion. By the end of his first year, he had been given the job of branch manager for the outlet where he worked.

Over the course of the 1970s, Trabuco was able to secure a stream of steady promotions. As he worked his way up the ranks of the firm, sometimes putting in as much as 60 hours per week, he was also, for the first time, able to earn enough money to begin taking night classes. Throughout the 70s, he would attend hundreds of credit-hours worth of classes, eventually getting a degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in social psychology.

Trabuco was quickly becoming one of the most well-credentialed employees of the bank. In 1984, he was given his first true executive role. He was appointed to head up the bank’s marketing and PR department, a position that he jumped right into with characteristic vigor. He quickly began making changes to how the bank approached the promotion of its brand, forging strong personal relationships with local media personalities and involving the bank in highly visible charity activities throughout the markets where it operated.

By the early 1990s, Bradesco had one of the most well-recognized brands in the state of Sao Paulo. Trabuco’s success at overhauling the marketing unit was noticed by the bank’s top brass, and in 1992, he was again promoted. This time, he would be heading up the bank’s struggling financial planning division.

The unit had been losing money ever since its inception and was at imminent risk of having the plug pulled. Trabuco immediately spotted numerous ways in which the unit’s approach to its business could be improved. One of the most far-reaching moves that Trabuco made while heading the division was to focus intensely on acquiring wealthy clients. Until that time, the bank had followed a policy of offering essentially the same services to all clients. Trabuco scrapped that, opting instead to lavish the bank’s most valuable clients with luxurious facilities, personal banking and luxurious rewards.

The strategy worked. Within just a few years, Bradesco had nearly cornered the country’s high-net-worth-client market. This filled the banks coffers with billions of new money being deposited. This eventually led to Trabuco’s appointment to CEO. In 40 years, he had gone from broke student to one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Latin America.

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Matt Badiali: An Expert in Oil and Gas Industry

     Matt Badiali has achieved great success in the oil and gas industry. The renowned geologist is also a proud writer who delights in reaching out to his subscribers with information on the best investment opportunities. Matt has succeeded in being an expert in offering investment consultancy in metal, oil, and gas despite lack of training in business and art. He is an authentic writer who has attracted a huge following for his articles.

The journey towards becoming an influential personality in the industry has taken Matt’s great effort and dedication to his work. Matt has worked towards being a celebrated geologist and writer by committing himself to excellence and being keen. Matt is a profound believer in gathering information from the source and ensuring his readers and team of experts benefit from firsthand information. His writings are based on real-time visits, experiments, and research in mines and oil drills.

Matt Badiali studied Earth Sciences at Penn State University and acquired a Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. He began his career working in an oil drilling company as a geologist. His dedication to growing his career was evident in his desire to acquire skills and knowledge. He was keen on noting the process of drilling and ensuring the crew followed the right procedures. Matt beliefs the best learning opportunities are at the sites and having hands on experience. He was passionate about research to discover natural resources and the market demands for metals, crops, and gas. He consulted with environmental companies on environmental matters.

Matt has over twenty years of experience working as a geologist, hydrologist and an investment consultant. He is an all rounded individual who takes up his roles seriously and is committed to success. He has been pivotal in directing future investments in the industry through his articles on precious metals and investing in natural resources. Matt has travelled widely while conducting research for his articles.

He provides the readers with accurate information and advices them on the best metals to invest in. He also provides the subscribers with a survey of market trends on future demand for natural resources. Matt wrote about copper in He advocates for investment in the metal due to the introduction of electric vehicles that use copper. He asserts that the vehicles will be in high demand in the next few years that will accelerate the demand for copper.

Matt Badiali Simple Secret to Success

     Matt Badiali is an influential investor who is an expert in mining activities. The businessman has done very well in his successful career, especially in matters concerning mining and agriculture. In his successful career, the businessman has learned several strategies that can make a mining expert successful. According to him, the go everywhere, talk to everyone and hand on approach is very effective for the individuals who want to be successful. Due to the nature of his career, the businessman is forced to travel to different parts of the globe such as Hong Kong, Turkey, New Guinea, Papua, and Iraq. Matt has also traveled to Singapore, Swaziland, Turkey, and Haiti when looking for business opportunities. When going to these locations, the businessman wants to locate different miles and oil wells that can give him the commodities that will help human beings on the planet. Matt has also done his best to interview presidents and leaders of several companies in the world so that he can understand how they get their resources in the geological department.

While traveling to meet the demands of consumers on the international platform, the successful investor says that he realized that it is impossible for investors to be successful if they do not go to the site and see whatever is happening. The politics and business industry is not different too. When you use this simple strategy in these departments, then you will be able to make a lot of progress. For an investment to be safe in the competitive market, then it is crucial for the people involved to be close so that they can make any corrections that are needed. Seeing your investment in person will be the best way to ensure that it is completely safe.

Several years ago, when Matt was studying to become a geologist in one of the best learning institutions in the world, he was fortunate to learn about the red flags that are available in the industry. The businessman says that unless the investor is on the ground, it is impossible to notice anything that is happening. Before you can choose to venture into a project, experts say it is paramount to take your time and check if the crew you will be working with is experienced and capable. Choosing the wrong people in the ground will only make things worse at the end of the project. Small firms must select all their professionals correctly.