Surf Air Celebrates Its Members Along With 5th Year Anniversary

Surf Air is a travel club that offers innovative all you can fly benefits to its members. The company recently celebrated its fifth year in business and chose to honor the occasion by unveiling a trio of enhanced benefits it will now provide to members through partnerships with other companies.

The first added benefit to Surf Air members began in July and is a result of a partnership with the luxury travel company All Roads North. The agreement will provide Surf Air members with exclusive offers from the company that has made its mark by tailoring unique travel experiences designed by industry specialists that are armed with inside knowledge of the top hotels, ranches, and lodges in America.

The second partnership that Surf Air will engage for the benefit of its members is with The Private Suite LAX. This membership perk will provide members with access to a newly built private terminal when flying in or out of Los Angeles International Airport. Members will be able to avoid many of the frustrations and inconveniences of travel by air due to the private TSA screenings and Customs inspections that will allow them to avoid waits and delays.

The third offer that is sure to add to the summer excitement for Surf Air members comes from Founders Card. This agreement will allow Surf Air members to enjoy perks like VIP travel benefits and preferred rates while enjoying elite hotels and resorts.

About Surf Air

The private travel club, Surf Air, is the first in the industry to offer monthly membership plans that include unlimited monthly flights. The company provides members with flights on executive quality jets that fly from a variety of private airports throughout the United States, as well as, parts of Europe. Surf Air also offers a global charter service that it refers to as the Surf Anywhere program.

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