Compliance Officers Needed For Optimal Corporate Performance

The job of a compliance officer has not been around for very long but its importance is continuing to grow exponentially as the position is incorporated into many businesses across the country. A well structured compliance program is designed to prevent problems as well as find them and fix them when they do occur. Depending on the business or corporation, the job of the compliance officer varies as does the duties and functions provided. This is a rapidly growing career path that many professionals are now seeking out. 

As the managing director and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital, Helane L. Morrison implements tools into her business such as audits, investigations, risk assessments and education in order to comply with business standards. Helane’s long career in litigation has helped her addressing issues as a compliance officer. She also spent some time with the San Francisco SEC which gave her a leg up in dealing with issues of corporate compliance. When problems do occur, they are addressed and then steps are taken in order to prevent the same problem from occurring again in the future. 

With compliance officers gaining popularity in fields such as insurance, banking and gaming, there are legalities that need to be followed and this is what this position provides. Day to day duties are supervised but also in a way that ensures compliance is being met on a legal level so if an audit does occur, everything is in order and checks out positively. The compliance officers with more experience and clout will handle more important matters like the license or title for a company, surveillance layout and usage, work permits, etc. 

On an employee level a compliance officer is beneficial. This officer will hold employees to standards that will keep their performance on par and prevent serious mistakes from occurring that could potentially cost a person their job. Also, many compliance officers receive their job when they are working in another position in another part of the company. They already know the background of the company and can then focus on another aspect of the business.

The Work Of Jon Urbana Moves From Business To Artistic Pursuits

To those who are active participants in the world of beauty and medical treatments the name of Jon Urbana is well known for the fact he is the head of Business for the Ellipse USA brand. The company has been enjoying rapid growth as the number of treatments the Laser and pulsed light hardware they create have been increasing with the rise of the impressive range of hair and skin blemish removal treatments amongst the general public.

Jon Urbana has also looked outside his business life to find satisfaction and a creative release to the parts of his personality that are often difficult to use in the business world. The executive has sought to become increasingly creative in the music he has produced over recent years. Urbana has developed a career as an electronic musician, an area he had little experience in before deciding to use the basic software found on his computer. Over the course of the recent few years the executive has developed his own position as a remix specialist and producer of his own original music.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Music is not the only area that Jon Urbana has looked to establish himself within the world of technology. The impressive work he has undertaken over recent years also sees Urbana seek out the best in social media platforms to market his creative work and business career. Urbana looks to make sure his social media fundraisers give the perfect impression of his work and skills as an artist and businessperson. So, behold Earth Temple. I don’t know how she did it.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Despite his growing list of accomplishments and artistic creations, Jon Urbana has spent a large amount of his time working to develop the game of lacrosse across the U.S. This commitment began when he played as a defensive star at Villanova and continues in the establishment of his own Next Level Lacrosse camps. Not only does coaching lacrosse allow Urbana to fell a sense of personal satisfaction by blogging about it, it also provides him with the chance to give something back to the greater lacrosse community.

Kevin Seawright Transforms East Coast Economic Development

To be successful in the ever changing world of city economic development, a leader must be able to employ a diverse skill set to attract, retain and grow businesses as well as foster new real estate development. Possessing business acumen alone is not enough, a prudent financial change agent must be able work with people as well as numbers.

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark’s Economic Development Corporation, uses his years of innovative financial management experience, plus his interpersonal and teambuilding skills to facilitate Newark’s growth while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.

Kevin Seawright has been successful in the fields of finance and operations management for over 13 years. His career has been focused on transforming organizations through strategic planning with the future in mind.

A key element of Mr. Seawright’s success is his ability to cultivate relationships with other leaders and organizations. Not one to watch from the sidelines, he actively oversees union and vendor negotiations while keeping the trust of constituents.

In his former positions as Managing Fiscal Officer of the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement, Kevin Seawright devised a new accounting system that saved the community over 100,000 dollars. He went on to work as Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore, later becoming Financial Director of the Homeless Affairs Division and CFO of the Baltimore Department of Parks and Recreation. Mr. Seawright also gained valuable experience in private sector real estate development and construction as a partner in Tito Construction in Washington, DC. He has also worked for Baltimore as Deputy Of Chief Operations in the educational sector.

Kevin Seawright’s professional memberships include The National Forum for Black Administrators, The National Association of Black Accountants as well as the American Society of Public Administration.

The Newark Economic Development Corporation has gained a valuable leader whose well- rounded community service experience is moving Newark forward in its economic and job development, as well as promoting minority business growth.

Kevin Seawright’s reputation for innovation and responsible fiscal decisions make him the perfect choice to help Newark thrive in the 21st century.