Arthur Becker always believes in the potential to make a very prominent change on people’s lives. He is a very busy man who is at the final stages of the completion of a number of Town Houses on the famous Sullivan and is at the moment preparing himself to construct a small luxurious residential condominium development in a place called Tribeca.

Arthur Becker believes it is more efficient to work with people that you respect especially in real estate or in technology. Arthur is very much active in organizing and coordinating the work of experts. Arthur was fascinated by the field of cancer treatment, and though he does not have any medical training, he has been exposed to several approaches. Arthur believes that how to adjust a vision that you have is very important. He, for example, has tried very many businesses and has failed in many attempts but having the heart of an entrepreneur is what has made his companies succeed.

As per The Real Deal, Arthur says that as an entrepreneur the most important thing that you must consider is listening to your market and your colleague’s opinion. He also insinuates that the key to success is talent. You must identify your talent and persuade talented people to your vision of the business and then get them out of the way.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur is the current Managing Member of the well known Madison Partners, an investment firm that is only interested in the department of real estate and Bio Tech ventures. Initially, Becker was the Chairman of Zinio. Before he joined Zinio, he was CEO of NaviSite, A digital newsstand that is known worldwide. Arthur Becker had initially been the senior advisor to the well known Vera Wang company that deals in fashion for a period of seven years and has been an investor in technology and real estate since the Navisite was auctioned to Time Warner in the year 2011.

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