“Mikhail Blagosklonny: Introducing the Rapamycin Cure for Cancer and Anti-Aging!”

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a world renowned pioneer in the medical industry and is notably recognized for the development of the drug rapamycin, which is one of the greatest breakthroughs ever discovered for the treatment of cancer. Rapamycin was first discovered back in the 1970s off of the south Pacific coast from soil located on Easter Island. The name was chosen from the native island, Rapa Nui. Since its discovery, Rapamycin has become synonymous with anti-aging methods. It is widely regarded to treat a host of maladies as it is a powerful immunosuppressant and antibiotic. Rapamycin was first acquired to administer to patients who have undergone transplant surgeries of the organs. It is actually still used today to prevent organ rejection.

Rapamycin works systematically to inhibit mTOR pathways. It is able to control growth development and bring together the necessary components in the body for optimum health and life, quite like a red traffic light signals the stopping of transportation. This includes cellular rejuvenation, oxygen levels and anabolic progression such as fat burning. Laboratories have used Rapamycin in biology experiments and research as a proxy for chemically generating a combining or binding agent. Rapamycin is administered to cells for the localization of protein assistance and more

Clinical studies and research has shown that Rapamycin can proliferate the human life by a whopping sixty years. These trials were performed on mice and dogs for its antiaging effects. At elevated amounts, Rapamycin has proven effective in suppressing the growth of cancer cells with absolutely no negative side-effects. In recent studies, scientists have been able to ascertain why Rapamycin is so effective in inhibiting the aging process. As people age, their cells become non-active and damaged. This in turn, encourages the cell through the dying process to release toxic compounds that create a great deal of inflammation in the human body. Rapamycin halts the releasing of these compounds and then alters the process of the death cycle through the nurturing of the cell.

Dr. Blagosklonny has created a world-class peer reviewed medical journal that releases two new papers a week and features all of the latest findings, research and medical data on oncology matters, autophagy, immunology, cellular functions, chromosome matters and gerotarget aging. The journal by the name of Oncotarget is available to the public at no cost and can be accessed around the clock. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny himself is one of the contributors himself among thousands of other scientists and doctors. Oncotarget has become one of the leading sources that those in the medical profession use to successfully treat maladies as it offers the most relevant, cutting-edge and up-to date information that has been released and discovered. It also contains information on the Rapamycin studies.