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Ockel Sirius B pocket PC is the latest product by Avanca. In the recent past Avanca organized a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their new product. The organization had a goal to raise $10000 for 30 days. For their campaign to reach the target, Avanca had to hire the services of NewsWatch or else no money will be received by the firm. Avanca gave NewsWatch a responsibility to air their advertisement on their Television channel as well as the online channel on a segment which will only go for one minute.

The Avanca Indiegogo campaign was a success and even exceeded their goal. With the help of NewsWatch, they were able to raise $456551 which is equal to 293970% within the 30 days. The amount was 29 more times than the amount they had planned to raise. NewsWatch helped to promote the campaign through their channels which are estimated to be watched by more than 96 million households, and in over 20 markets in the United States of America. Nathalie Van Wijkvlit is the Marketing Director at Avanca, and he said that the campaign was a success because they worked together with NewsWatch and the experience was right, and he would recommend other organizations to also work with NewsWatch.

NewsWatch was established in 1990, and it can be described as an award-winning television show. The media company was founded with a central purpose of delivering and airing news among them celebrity news, breaking news on medical and government issues, news on technology, consumer, entertainment, editorial and sponsored consumer electronics reviews, mobile app reviews, and public service announcement. Being an award-winning media station, NewsWatch has received several recognitions among them the Silver Telly Award which they won in 2016, Marcom Award for their 30 minutes countrywide Television show which they received a God and Platinum award in 2017, and a Videographer Award for their 30 minutes entertainment television show.

FreedomPop Expands WiFi Offerings

FreedomPop has long been on the rise as one of the premier budget cell phone options for people around the world. Getting its start in California, FreedomPop has gone global with a widening reach to various demographics. However, customers of FreedomPop in the United States may now be in store for an even bigger boost to their already affordable carrier: unlimited WiFi access for just $5 per month.

For much of the past 12 months we have seen CEO Stephen Stokols focus on expanding a wireless internet network throughout the continental United States. The company has been adding hotspot locations all over the biggest cities in the country and now it is clear as to why: FreedomPop is offering unlimited access to these WiFi hotspots for just $5 per month. This new offering will provide customers with enhanced mobile usage while staying put on the budget plan that many had been pursuing.

What makes FreedomPop so markedly different than the rest of their competitors is the way in which the company pursues customers. FreedomPop, at its core, is a completely free service. Customers who sign on to FreedomPop for their phone plan will receive limited talk, text, and data all completely free. There are no loopholes, no scams, no additional offers. If you are happy with your limited range of services then you will never spend a cent. So how does FreedomPop make money?

FreedomPop’s CEO Stokols has explained his company as a sort of library for digital services moreso than an actual cell phone carrier. Stokols banks on having customers purchase various upgrades, on their own time, in order to continually bring in a profit and make up for those that aren’t spending money. This expanded WiFi plan, which consists of 10 million hotspots around the country, is just another option on the menu for customers.

While FreedomPop continues to flourish as a sort of underground option, we are starting to see that the company will soon be in the mainstream. Within the next year or so CEO Stokols expects there to be upwards of 25 million hotspots throughout the continental United States for customers to connect to. These hotspots will also be located in a variety of retail spots such as Best Buy, Starbucks and even McDonalds. While this unlimited WiFi won’t be a selling point for some, it definitely will appeal to budget phone carrying customers who need the boost.

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FreedomPop Uses WhatsApp Wisely In Spain

FreedomPop has its designs set on Spain. Considering the huge customer potential in Spain, the country makes a fine “next stop” on the company’s global expansion plans. The way in which FreedomPop wants to garner attention and sales in Spain is going to be quite intriguing. Zero-rated access to Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger is going to be provided. Venture Beat has the whole story on the strategy, and it is a great strategy.

How does this work? Essentially, even when the monthly data allotment on a FreedomPop phone reaches zero, users can still sign onto WhatsApp. In Spain, WhatsApp is enormously popular with millions of mobile users. Making sure these users always have access to their favorite app absolutely should help this MVNO succeed in a new territory.

FreedomPop emerged on the budget mobile scene with a very simple concept. Refurbished phones would sell at massively discounted prices. A basic monthly subscription would come with a small amount of 100% free phone minutes, text messages, and data MBs. Customers who were pleased with the service could upgrade to a paid subscription. Over 40% of the customers in the United States and the United Kingdom took FreedomPop up on its offer. The company is doing remarkably well as a result.

FreedomPop has major plans for future market expansions in the international arena. The 25-country global hotspot is one. The brilliant offer of free WhatsApp use in Spain reveals another. To learn more about the company’s global strategies, read the full Venture Beat article.

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How Does The SIM Global Hotspot At FreedomPop Work?

The SIM global hotspot at FreedomPop is something that people can learn about when they read Recode. The Recode story says that FreedomPop is raising money to make sure that they can offer all the services they need to everyone who needs them. They are also going to be able to offer the hotspot to anyone in the world who uses it. Everyone has to buy the hotspot straight up for $49.99, and they can get it for $99.99 after the original sale.

It is important for people to remember that they have to have a reliable way to get online, and they are going to be able to use it for free after they buy it. The SIM global hotspot is going to work well every time someone wants to use it, and it is going to be free. Everyone who is trying to make sure that they can get online when they know that the signal is bad can use the global hotspot from FreedomPop, and they will be able to save their time because it connects right away.

Everyone who is using the hotspot can take it anywhere they want in the US and the UK. They can make sure that they can get some things done when they are sitting around in a place that is not good for working, and they can share it without other people if they want. They can use it with their phones from FreedomPop, and they can use it to make sure that they have something that is going to be reliable. The reliable nature of the FreedomPop hotspot is going to make it a lot more attractive to everyone, and people who want to be able to use the system when they are traveling are always going to have something to use.


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FreedomPop Expands by Offering Unlimited Use of WhatsApp

A new article by VentureBeat details that FreedomPop has announced a plan to expand free mobile service access to the WhatsApp messaging service. FreedomPop’s plan would expand its services to Spain, its third national market, and give its users unlimited access to WhatsApp’s free messaging service. FreedomPop users would then be able to use the popular messaging service without needing to worry about the data caps and fees associated with traditional mobile carriers.

VentureBeat describes FreedomPop’s tantalizing offer to provide uninhibited access to WhatsApp as a “grand plan” that could “prove a smart way to grow.” The growth potential for FreedomPop is intuitive. FreedomPop’s service provides a free plan of 200 minutes, texts, and megabytes of data. Adding unlimited access to WhatsApp can make this basic plan even more enticing.

The market in Spain for WhatsApp is strong. According to FreedomPop COO Steven Sesar, over 70 percent of the Spanish mobile market use WhatsApp, thus providing unlimited access to the free messenger could spur many of Spain’s cell phone users into switching to FreedomPop as their primary mobile service provider. Once users switch services to FreedomPop they are more likely to purchase additional services and add-ons above the basic plan.

What makes FreedomPop’s plan even more unique is that it is not officially partnering with WhatsApp or Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp. FreedomPop is simply providing its users with free access to WhatsApp as part of its basic service plan. This substantially differs from previous attempts to connect WhatsApp to service providers through official partnerships, which have raised regulatory issues in the past.

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