Lime Crime Dominates Social Media

Although Lime Crime has not quite broken Instagram yet, it is getting pretty close with more than 2 million followers to its name. PR Newswire announced this impressive accomplishment for Lime Crime, an extremely popular makeup company that likes to encourage its customers to bush traditional beauty boundaries. Lime Crime has made its mark on the digital world and continues to add to its long list of followers everyday, as more and more people discover @limecrimemakeup. As explained by the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, the intention of the company is to create the best interactive shopping experience possible for its customers. The company is constantly looking for ways to increase its customer base and inspire makeup lovers around the world to give their amazing products a try for the first time. Even though Lime Crime has been increasingly in popularity and brand recognition over the past few years, there are still many women out there who have yet to experience the amazing quality and reasonable prices of the brand.

Deere stated on her Lime Crime blog that what inspires here to keep finding new ways for Lime Crime to innovate its products and web presence, she responded that it is actually the company’s followers that keep her going. Because Lime Crime’s followers interact so heavily with the brand through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Deere gets to see all sorts of new ideas on how customers are experimenting with the different shades of Lime Crime’s makeup creations.

Lime Crime has not quite been around for a decade yet, but it has been a major pioneer in the makeup industry so far, with a massive presence on major retailers like This is because Deere believes that women should be encouraged to try out different makeup styles that they like, instead of ones that traditional beauty standards dictate that they must wear. This means that rather than covering up blemishes with concealer, Lime Crime’s customers are creating bold eye and lip looks at the same time. Deere is often seem sporting incredible looks from the brand that work to enhance her already creative clothing. She believes that fashion and beauty are just a way to have fun with everyday life.