Summer Flavors of EOS Lip Balm

When summer comes around you will likely, consciously or not, begin to change the products that you consume to summer flavors. Certain flavors are subconsciously associated with each season and as summer starts you will likely find yourself consuming more summer flavors.


Lip balm is no exception to this and many individuals begin to desire light flavored and fruit flavored lip balms during the summer season. Luckily, one of the leading brands, EOS, an acronym for the Evolution of Smooth, has a full variety of flavors to meet the needs of shoppers in each season.


Based on, EOS became one of the leading manufacturers of lip balm after developing lip balms that contained all-natural and organically sourced ingredients that provided for lasting protection from the elements. While the competition tended to use petroleum jelly in their lip balm, EOS used fresh oils like coconut oil and shea butter in their lip balm. Further, they didn’t use artificial flavors and their varying lip balm flavors taste fresher and more natural.


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For summer, flavors like summer fruit and strawberry sorbet really shine. Nothing says the start of summer like strawberries. Strawberries ripen in June and the month is often filled with eating them right out of the berry patch. EOS’ strawberry sorbet tastes like the real thing and has a strong yet light flavor that is worth trying this summer season.


EOS‘ summer fruit lip balm has a wide range of blended fruit flavors including blueberries, strawberries, and other mixed fruit flavor such as peach. Summer fruit lip balm is almost wholly organic and is sourced with olive and jojoba seed oil. The flavors taste fresh and summer fruit lip balm is strongly flavored but not overbearing and helps to define the summer season.


Both of these EOS lip balms are great options this summer so be sure to sample and try them as the weather gets hot, shop here!


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