Unique Supplements from Jeunesse Global Provides 24 Hour Nutrition

There are a number of daily supplements that claim to provide the body with protective nutrition and micronutrients. However, many of these once a day supplements do not provide round-the-clock absorption. Now, one health and wellness company is innovating the supplement industry with a morning and evening supplement solution. That company, Jeunesse Global, is helping their customers stay fit with their line of AM/PM Essentials line of supplements.

AM Essentials

Many people have a hard time getting themselves up in the morning. This is because many people do not get enough sleep and then try to “wake themselves up” with unhealthy sugar packed foods or coffee packed with sweeteners. To help get the body properly nourished and energized for the morning, AM Essentials provides 70 essential vitamins and key minerals. Some of the more notable ingredients include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K , Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin and Vitamin B12. Many of these vitamins are not usually found in the daily foods that people normally eat. With AM Essentials, people are able to get the nutrition they need to become more productive during the all-important morning hours.

PM Essentials

When the evening comes, many people begin to burnt out. At this point of the night, people will fill themselves up with a heavy dinner that is surprisingly low in nutrition. These empty calories are processed in the body as storage fat which can lead to weight gain and long term health complications. To provide the body with nutrition for the evening hours, PM Essentials provides 70 essential vitamins and key minerals. Some of the more notable ingredients includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folate and Vitamin B12.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has manufactured a full-line of health and wellness products that includes everything from anti-aging cream to health supplements and energy drinks. These products are sold through a team of global independent distributors. As they continue to develop new, innovate products, Jeunesse Global will seek to further innovate the health and wellness industry.


Louis Chenevert Financial Advice

Many people struggle with their finances. Few people have a firm plan for the future. With rising levels of consumer debt, most people have to take drastic action to prepare for the future.

Louis Chenevert is someone who has always lived frugally. Despite rising to become the CEO of a major corporation, Louis Chenevert still manages his money wisely. He is an excellent example of how to have financial success. He started from the bottom of a small company, and he quickly advanced to the top.

College and Career

Louis Chenevert attended the University of Montreal. During his time at the school, he made a lot of friends and enjoyed various experiences. He is the type of person who is always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world. Louis Chenevert graduated with a business degree and started working in the corporate world.

He moved into a small apartment and saved a large percentage of his income. While advancing at General Motors, he continuously earned a higher income each year. However, he still lived a frugal lifestyle and was able to build massive wealth.

A strong financial position allowed him to take various risks throughout his career. Louis Chenevert decided to leave General Motors for Pratt and Whitney in 1993. He had a great time at the company, and it set him up for a great job offer from United Technologies Corporation.

Becoming CEO

Louis Chenevert became a high-level executive at United Technologies Corporation in 2006. After taking the job offer, he became CEO in 2008. Becoming CEO was a significant dream for Louis Chenevert. He made numerous changes at the company, and he also invested in the local community. He firmly believes that successful business leaders should use their wealth to help other people in the city. Louis Chenevert is involved with numerous charities in Canada. His involvement in the community is one of the reasons that so many people enjoy reading about his career.


Jordan Lindsey Provides Services Regarding Forex Trading

If you are in the foreign exchange market, it is imperative that you get to understand the nature of the market more so the trend in forex trading. Various changes are taking place in the forex market, and traders are taking that opportunity to excel in the foreign exchange market. According to most traders is that you can be able to do well in the forex market when you consider trading on long-term goals since that will be easy for you to track and adapt to the trends in the market. Besides, there is another currency known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and investors can as well make investments.

Jordan Lindsey founded the JCL Capital and is well known as a key veteran in the financial services and a successful entrepreneur. He has been aspiring to trade in foreign exchange market since it influenced him from the work experience that he gained when working on the algorithm 2Q17. The algorithm is the key determinant in the forex market because it is the most significant market globally.

That idea was successful, and this motivated Jordan Lindsey to create his cryptocurrency. Mr. Lindsey had a passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur and for achieving his dream, he did all he could to come out of his comfort zone. Since he knew that for you to grow and prosper you are supposed to get out of your comfort zone since that creates a limitation towards your growth.

As a founder of the JCL’s Forex Trading Company, Lindsey have enabled a lot of investors to accomplish their goals and getting back their money. The training that is offered by the group has benefited the investors in the forex since they can easily identify the trend in the forex market and adjust to suit the market needs.

Jordan Lindsey has an established platform that works on forex, and it is recorded to be successful, and since its establishment, it has been doing well in the Forex trading to date. From the platform, investors can be able to trace the trend in the market and sharing of results from the forex market can be done easily. It is significant that you join a group that can be able to update you on the current trend in the forex market such as JCL Forex Trading Group.


Shervin Pishevar Identifies a Tectonic Shift in Silicon Valley

Shervin Pishevar, the venture capitalist best known for being the founder of Sherpa Capital, recently launched dozens of tweets across Twitter. Business blogs later identified it as a tweet storm because of the volume of tweets sent within a 24-hour period.

Shervin Pishevar took the time to explain a lot of things that he has noticed recently, including what he identifies as a tectonic shift taking place across Silicon Valley. There are new, competing zones of innovation, which means that Silicon Valley has lost their competitive edge.

Often, people view Silicon Valley as an idea as opposed to a physical place. It has gone viral and entrepreneurship is more of a movement than a location. It is borderless.

One of the reasons, according to Shervin Pishevar, as to why Silicon Valley has lost their edge is because immigrant talent is no longer coming to the United States. Part of this is because the government has built cultural and physical walls that are keeping immigrants out. Further, due to the Internet and e-commerce, the talent no longer needs to come to the United States. Romania, India, China, and plenty of other countries have talent that is being innovative.

Shervin Pishevar chose to share a 2009 essay in his 30th Tweet, which talked about the classic American entrepreneurial spirit. We no longer have that monopoly. It’s global. Speedy execution is also causing us to lose our edge. He provided the example that China built a train station in only nine hours.

With the tectonic shift occurring in Silicon Valley, the United States has lost its edge. It is unclear as to whether we will ever get our edge again because of how entrepreneurship has become borderless. These thoughts were just a few of what was shared across the 50 tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent during the first week of February.


See This Article for additional information.

In a 50-Tweet Downpour, Shervin Pishevar Highlights America’s Economic Challenges

A well-versed investor, Shervin Pishevar recently logged into his @Shervin Twitter account to discuss troubles he sees in the American economic system. He distilled his points into 50 tweets that took him 21 hours to post on February 5 and 6, 2018. Here are his biggest thoughts.


The Dow Will Go Down


Shervin Pishevar’s tweet storm coincided with a scary stretch for the United States stock market. During early February, the Dow Jones Industrial experienced its worst week since the Great Recession that began in 2008. Pishevar predicted that things would worsen. “I expect a 6000-point drop in aggregate in the months ahead,” he tweeted. In the tweets that followed, he gave evidence supporting his position.


First, Shervin Pishevar listed reasons for the downturn. They included rising credit deficits, increasing interest rates, tax cuts that were not attached to reduced spending and his opinion that the bond market is not deep enough to gently absorb repeated heavy blows. He also said factors exist that could lead to another prolonged recession.


Additionally, Pishevar decried exchange-traded funds. “All volatility indexes are suspect for trading. 24 ETFs with a combined market cap of near $6 billion,” he tweeted, and he continued this point in the next tweet. “The inverse ETFs are over $3 billion of that and are essentially zero overnight,” Pishevar wrote. Read This Article for more information.


Silicon Valley Is Now a Concept


Pishevar also warned that America has lost its competitive advantage in the substantial niche of venture-capital-backed innovation that has been centered in Silicon Valley for several decades. “As I’ve said before, Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral,” he wrote. He then criticized U.S. immigration policy. “While we build walls, both physical and cultural, to keep out immigrant talent, that talent doesn’t need to come here anymore,” he noted.


Shervin Pishevar has helped launch projects that will shape the distant future, like Virgin Hyperloop One, and explosively growing tech brands, like Uber and Airbnb. He warrants undivided attention.


Will leaders on Wall Street and in D.C. listen to Shervin Pishevar’s message? Doing so would be wise.

How Igor Cornelsen Contributes to the Growth of the Brazil Economy

Igor Cornelsen is the founder of Bainbridge Investments Inc., Bahamas. The South American native was raised in Brazil. His company offers long-term investment options to interested investors. Igor works as a banking consultant and serves individuals and businesses.

Most Appealing Cornelsen Investment Tips

Cornelsen encourages investors to connect with the local community as the business depends on networking. Developers ought to link with natives to acquire ideas based on their experiences and wants. Venture capitalist should prepare to face the Brazilian market regulations like high taxes and labor market strictness to enjoy big payoffs. According to the financial advisor, it is essential for an investor to master foreign currency restrictions. Develops must work with approved banks when dealing with local currencies and foreign exchange.

Igor on Media

Several media houses like CNN have interviewed Cornelsen on investment topic. During the discussion, he provided a guide on investing in Brazil. The advisor talks about the many opportunities in Brazil. He was also featured in investment publications and websites offering financial consultations to the entire economy.

About Igor Cornelsen

Mr. Igor has held managerial positions in numerous Brazilian banking companies before he started the investment firm. Igor Cornelsen is known for assisting individuals in choosing the right and profitable portfolios without financial crisis. He guides his clients in damaged stocks that they sell for profit. Such goods are affordable and pick immediately the market stabilizes.

When not in the office or working, he spends time golfing. He is familiar with the market conditions in the stock field since he has been in the industry for many years. Igor understands different investments in the sector and this allows him to provide beneficial advice to investors and corporations. He advocates for investment diversity to lower risk.

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He encourages new developers to join the Brazilian market, as it is open to new investments and ideas. Investors can try to work with Banco do Brazil, Caixa Economica Federal, Banrisul, BTG Pactual, or Citibank Brazil, as they are the giants in the market. Capitalists are bound to enjoy the great benefits from the companies. He also advocates for investors to invest in China once they understand the competitors and trading partners to receive profits and maximum benefits.


The Wine Industry With UKV PLC

Traditionally, the UK wine sector was founded on imports from Europe, Australia, and the US. In addition to being wine experts, UKV PLC serves as merchants delivering various brands of wine to people across the world. The UK wine industry is revolutionizing, and as such, it is experiencing heightened growth.

UKV PLC has taken a profoundly keen interest in adding to the growth of the countrywide wine sector, as they comprehend the reputation that English wine features. In particular, UK wines have been reputed for sparkling varieties of wine. The UK Vintners has been sponsoring an apprenticeship, which is driving younger people into the industry as well as retaining and adding to the overall growth of the sector.

Over the years, the role of UKV PLC has evolved and significantly affected the ever-growing industry. Historically, vintners from the UK could only deal with wine merchants to propagate wine imports from across the globe. The UK vintners have had a strong reputation for sourcing the best wines produced from the best vineyards in the UK as well as across the world. Since its inception, UKV PLC has been specializing in acquiring and selling the most pleasurable and illustrious wines from the world. The firm has a core focus on the provision of an exceptionally unique level of personal services to their clientele across the globe who aim at acquiring the most salubrious and prestigious labels from the leading vineyards in Spain, Italy, and France.

While most of UKV PLC clients are interested in buying wine purely for consumption, and others focus on developing private cellars or even lucrative and effluent Fine Wine Collections for financial gain in future sales. Whichever the case, UKV PLC helps its clients in acquiring among the best investment grade fine champagne and wine through their broad network of the wine industry contacts. UKV PLC utilizes a decent team of exceptional wine consultants who strive to guide their clientele through the wine options available leveraging their robust comprehension and skills in the wine industry.

George Soros is Active Again – Time to Re-think Investment Strategies

After a long break, the billionaire George Soros is actively taking interest in the decisions of his fund, Soros Fund Management LLC. Those who know George Soros are aware that he has gained immense fame by selling assets in a bearish economy. Perhaps, his bearish investments at the height of a booming global economy, in 2007, were surprising to most. However, as it turned out, vision of George Soros in predicting a global financial slump proved accurate. As a result, his hedge fund yielded nearly $1 billion, in profits.

It is also well-known that Soros started taking a keen interest in philanthropic and political activities. As such, he is known to provide financial assistance to a diverse number of non-profits. Similarly, he actively supported the nomination of Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

However, he has again started to take a keen interest in dictating the investment decisions of his fund. According to sources close to Soros family, George Soros is bearish on the global economy. Therefore, he is not only going bearish but also actively buying shares of precious metal companies. It makes sense as historically investors have relied on commodities and precious metals in the time of distress.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

What George is Thinking?

Financial analysts believe that there are two major reasons for George Soros to believe that the global slump is forthcoming. First, it is the concern that Chinese leadership is not taking interest in tackling the depleting foreign reserve of the country. If the trend continues, China will soon start reeling from trade deficits, which will have serious ramifications for developed and emerging economies around the globe. Secondly, the ongoing European crisis is also a major worry for Soros. Even before the recent exit of Britain, George Soros was directing investments in shares of precious metals. After the exit of Britain, it seems evident that migrant crisis and other matters will also force other countries to re-think their union with the E.U.

Is George Soros Really Bearish?

Still, some members think that the active interest of George Soros is an effort to stabilize his fund after the exit of Scott Bessent, the man in charge of the investment decisions. While Bessent left the hedge fund on friendly terms, George Soros also knows that the newly appointed chief, Ted Burdick has a background in distressed trading and similar investment strategies. To fill the void, George Soros wants to take Mr. Burdick into confidence by providing useful guidance regarding future investment plans. Therefore, the re-entry of George Soros is nothing out of the ordinary.

Regardless of what analysts think, it is now becoming increasingly imminent that George Soros is investing heavily in precious metals. Recently, he has gained millions of revenues by buying stocks of Barrick Gold Corporation and Silver Wheaton Corporation. Therefore, it may be the time for investors to re-evaluate their future investment strategies.

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Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

Investment banks primarily assist individual, corporations and governments to raise capital. Businesses require a lot of help from investment banks for them to thrive in the current competitive market. The prosperity or downfall of any given firm is solely dependent on the moves the company undertakes to counter various factors in the business world. Making conclusive and informed decisions is crucial to a company’s success and overall performance. To be able to meet its mission and objectives, a firm requires a financial advisor to give appropriate help and statistics for better decision making.

Madison Street Capital based in Chicago, Illinois is an investment banking firm that provides the services of a financial advisor to other enterprises. On the firm’s main list of services is the significant mergers and acquisition (M&A) advisory services for hedge funds. May it be laying of the memorandums of association and understanding, companies’ policies and other relevant advice, the boutique investment banking firm offer services to the satisfaction of its clientele.

Madison Street Capital also provides corporate financial advisory services to both privately and publicly held businesses. In the case of a firm’s capital restructuring exercise, this investment bank caters for the same. To balance your businesses’ capital well for better benefits and performance, Madison Street Capital offers expertise assistance in formulating your new capital structure. Also in the case of a firm’s reorganization, the investment banking firm provides relevant advisory.

If a firm has a bankruptcy problem or even in the event of a buy out where the company purchases the controlling percentage of its stock to shield hostile takeovers, Madison Street Capital has the best professionals there is in the industry. The investment bank also offers private placement advisories. Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers legit valuation services on businesses, intangible assets, and goodwill.

Madison Street Capital plays its investment banking role well in the fairness and solvency opinion services. This investment bank has a team of professionals with exceptional experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships in the industry. This makes Madison Street Capital one of the world’s premier investment banking firms in the middle market. Headquartered in Chicago, Madison Street Capital has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America.

Madison Street Capital has experience from many years of quality and reliable service delivery to its clients. The investment banking firm has assisted clients in a variety of industry with great success stories. The full range of market served by the professionals at Madison Street Capital has exposed them to experience and understanding of all circumstances. The ability to undertake careful analysis is key to their success. The investment banking firm gives precise and relevant recommendations to its clients. For more information, reach Madison Street Capital via 1-312-529-7000 or visit their website at www.madisonstreetcapital.com.

Martin Lustgarten is Named the Managing Director of Henlux Inc.

Martin Lustgarten became the Managing Director of Henlux Inc. in Panama in 2010. Prior to Henlux Inc., Lustgarten was the Cash & Investments Manager of Cisneros Group of Companies. The Venezuelan citizen attended the Universidad Metropolitana and earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. With nearly eight years of investment banking experience, Mr. Lustgarten has built a reputation in South America and Asia as a successful venture capitalist and investment banker. He has formed and managed corporations and companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Venezuela, and Panama. The businesses Lustgarten (https://www.facebook.com/lustgarten.martin) had an interest in were Denton Business Incorporation, ANL Services, A&L Services, and ESL Services.


Henlux Inc. is controlled by investors of the Henlux Group in Panama. The investment firm also manages other affiliates, including Henlux PTE in Singapore and Henlux Ltd. in Hong Kong. As Managing Director of Henlux Inc., Martin Lustgarten is responsible for managing and directing the company’s daily operations. Henlux specialties comprise of financing, procurement, and ventured investments. The corporation employs lawyers and compliance experts to perform due diligence on all procurement of products.

The Henlux Group is marketing in countries of Asia and South America. Martin Lustgarten and investment partners provide capital to startup companies and small businesses to expand products and services in Venezuela, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Panama. They help entities by offering seed, growth, and/or product & services expansion funds. Hong Kong Henlux affiliate employs procurement agents who outsource variety of services; including payment management, logistics, manufacturing inspections, quality control performance, and new product search.


Martin Lustgarten, also known as Martin Lustgarten Acherman has citizenships in Austria and Venezuela. He is a philanthropist, engineer, investor, entrepreneur, Board member, and executive. Mr. Lustgarten is currently living in his home in the South Florida region. He also has residency in Panama and Venezuela, where he owns businesses.