Insightful Tips On Successful Investment By Brad Riefler

Brad’s Background

Brad Riefler boasts a vast wealth of experience in the investment industry, having lasted for over three decades. He is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, a firm he founded back in 2009. The company’s objective is to avail professional advice to forex and commodity traders.

Brad is an alumnus of Bowdoin College, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. After graduating, he started his first business, Reifler Trading Co. in 1982. The company would go on to be so successful that Refco acquired it in the year 2000.

From 1995 through 2008, Riefler served as CEO of Pali Capital Inc. The institution was primarily focused on the equity market. Under his stewardship, Pali Capital employed over 300 people and extended their services to four continents. Large profits margins of up to $1 billion were also achieved.

As a renowned figure in the business world, Brad has served on many boards as an advisor. Some include the European Investment Bank, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp., Foresight Research Solutions, among many others.

Tips on how to Invest Successfully

The government bars the majority of Americans from directly investing in commodity and hedge funds. This is a measure undertaken to ensure financial security. However, Brad believes that average people can successfully invest if given the required advice.

He advised that people should avoid investing all of their money in the stock market. The safety of the money should be the priority, not the potential returns.

He further noted that people should seek to know about their investment managers. This enables trust to be built between the two parties, smoothing up the process of business.

Finally, he added that before investing, people should have clear objectives in mind. This will help them decide whether an investment is viable or not. He encouraged investors to allocate more funds to businesses with higher profits.

Forefront Capital LLC is helping average citizens overcome the fears of investing. The SEC is also looking to remove the laws that prohibit the majority from risky investments as people are well-informed nowadays. It is possible that the average person who is currently being overlooked will be able to invest successfully in the near future.