Securus Technologies Undisputed Leader in the Correctional Field

Securus Technologies has transformed the correctional industry in the United States and provides its services to over 3,400 correctional facilities. The company has a special research and development wing that is dedicated to researching new technologies and helping in the development of the correctional sphere. Technology is playing a vital role in the development of just about any industry, and same is the case with the correctional sphere. The inmates depend heavily upon the inmate communication services to connect to their loved ones outside. Without the inmate communication services, it would be difficult for the prisoners to talk to their loved ones on a regular basis. The technology has made many things possible today that were earlier thought to be impossible.


Securus Technologies is developing many new technologies in the correctional world that are highly helpful for the inmates. One of the latest services developed by the Securus Technologies named Video Visitation would help the inmates and their relatives to talk to each other through the video mode using a tablet or any other smart device. It would mean that the inmates’ families would not have to travel all the way to the prison to meet their inmate family member. The inmates can also easily receive money from their family and friends using the money transfer services offered by Securus Technologies. The technology provided by Securus Technologies is regularly updated to ensure that the end users only get the best services at low cost.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies in the correctional industry, and its products and services are widely appreciated by the law enforcement agencies and officers. The company even released a press release recently, where it showcased the positive comments it received from the law enforcement personnel. The company’s CEO Rick Smith has put the company on a progressive track and aims to make Securus Technologies, a leader in the correctional field.


Securus Technologies Protecting Residents from Violence

When my fugitive task force has to locate a dangerous suspect, every minute that passes could put a person or entire city in harm’s way. This month we were dealing with two brothers who were on the run but continuing with their criminal activities. The alarming part of this case was that these two fugitives had no problem broadcasting their crimes on social media. Whether holding up a gas station or stealing a car, they felt the need to put their crimes in the face of the authorities.


These two brothers were beginning to get more violent and they were daring officers to try and find them and be prepared to go to war at that point. These two would post pictures of each other waving guns at the camera and taking about taking out certain officers by name. The best thing that we could do was simply lay low and stop trying to get information or leads from family or friends because the word kept getting back to the suspects and irritated them even more.


Our local prison utilizes Securus Technologies and their inmate call monitoring system to help keep the peace in jail. This was a resource we hadn’t considered using in this case, but because we could work in the shadows, we decided to see if it could help us to crack the case. Listening to the inmates on the phone, it became apparent these two fugitives were really making a name for themselves. Many of their friends were in jail, and talking openly about where the brothers were hiding, who they were with, and what plans they had in the future.


After gathering evidence about the safe houses being used by these fugitives, we set up a surveillance and sprung into action while the brothers were asleep one morning and took them in without incident.


Better Business Bureau Accredits Stellar Service Of Securus Technologies

Some companies just do the right thing even when nobody is watching. Take Securus Technologies, for example. This telecommunications company provides solutions to the law enforcement community and the criminal justice system. That’s the slick way of saying it. What the company really does is operate phone services for prisoners and inmates across the country. In fact, the company services over 1.2 million inmates across the country.


Since this company secures a government contract to make them sole provider of telecommunications services to the facilities, they can choose to operate like a monopoly. There is very little regulation in the industry aside from some guidelines set down by the FCC. Securus could choose to jack up the prices on the prisoners in order to squeeze an immense amount of money out of a very vulnerable part of our population.

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Instead, this company invests in customer service and new technologies. They recently assisted law enforcement with a software program that can search a massive database full of recorded phone calls. All the law enforcement officer needs is a recording of the person in question. The software then latches onto the particular vocal signature of that person and searches the entire database for every phone call made by that person.


They also operate the largest customer service center in the industry. They remedy concerns on the first phone call to the center 99.9% of the time. Phone calls are picked up on average within 11 seconds and the facility can take up to 2.5 million calls per month. This ensures that all customers are satisfied, even the prisoners.


It is operating with integrity like this that has earned the company accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Already a leader in the industry with an A+ rating from the BBB, the company volunteered to take the next step in its evolution.


Securus Technologies Moves Forward with New Investigator Pro Release

One thing that I like about Securus Technologies is the consistency that this company has. It has become a true leader of innovation. This is seen with a product like Investigator Pro. This is an awesome software platform that raises the bar when it comes to investigation software.

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The new Investigator Pro software is at version 4.0 right now, and a lot of investigators are excited about what Securus Technologies has to offer. This is the type of program that is designed to help the investigators that are interested in using voice sampling technology. There is a corrections software program that is helping the investigators cut down on fraternization.


There is a lot of buzz about this type of program in the department of corrections. It has become easier for investigators to build cases against inmates that may be involved in criminal activity even once when they on the inside. There is a high level of crime that occurs between inmates on the inside that push out orders for others that are on the outside. Sometimes these orders from high profile criminals are spoken over inmate calls. With the Investigator Pro software the investigators will have the ability to search and compare voices.


I think that this is a big deal for the department of corrections. So many times there are criminals that are still involved in activity on the outside, but there is no way to actually prove that these criminals are still engaging in this. With this software by Securus there will be more chances to bridge the gap in the investigations that are growing cold. Securus helps investigators do their jobs.

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I originally discovered Securus through the video visitation software. I was impressed with this company and all the different software platforms that this company has developed.


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Securus Announces Telecommunications Breakthrough

Securus Technologies a leading telecommunications company that provides cutting edge solutions for the civil and criminal justice systems in the United States and Mexico has just reported that it has developed, manufactured and sent out more than 85,000 intelligent communication devices that do much more than allow a prisoner to make outbound inmate phone calls to friends and family. After initially being involved with the deployment of more than 79,000 basic telephones to inmates throughout United States Securus is now claiming to have developed and deployed the next generation of communication device that include cutting edge Android and Apple tablets and smartphones, Video Visitation Kiosks and a proprietary device designated the S-phone all designed as a secure solution for personal inmate communication. 

The goal for Securus in developing this technology is multifaceted. At its core is the desire of Securus to rehabilitate the inmate. This includes not only the goal of improving the safety of the prison system but also in all the local jails, to help inmates eventually find gainful employment, and to ultimately make society as a whole safer and more secure. In addition, to these goals is the need for more and better inmate education. These intelligent devices can help by providing both high school as well as university level courses to those individuals that are interested. In addition to helping the inmate’s families, they can also provide the inmate with prison handbooks, they can be used for faster grievance filings and faster, and as a more convenient way access law libraries and the prison commissary. 

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and serves over 3,500 law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities nationwide from this facility. Their new Video Visitation mobile application is ready for use on a variety of today’s new technologies including Android Smartphones and Apple products like the iPad and Apple Smart-Phone. The application is free and can be downloaded at Google Play or from the app-store. With this new application, it will allow you the extra freedom to visit an incarcerated loved one remotely from almost anywhere that has Wi-Fi or cellular service so you can share family moments that were all but impossible to share prior to the development of this technology. With it, you are able to video chat with your smartphone or tablet you can also access your existing Securus Online account, access and view upcoming scheduled visits, sync visitation details with your calendar, and test the Wi-Fi cell connection to determine its quality before your visit. If you have difficulty connecting any of these services to your device, simply contact customer support at Securus for their expert advice.