Ara Chackerian impact on the health sector

Ara Chackerian has spent much of his profession in the health sector; his experience has been able to close the gaps in technology and healthcare amenities. He pursued B.S in marketing from the Florida State University. Besides health, he also enjoys spending his time with environmental and youth development issues. A variety of his work has been based on community efforts. Currently, he serves in multiple positions on the board in the Bay Area. In the environmental issue, the dedication was in a teak farm which produced high yields. Through this farm, he has been able to create a numerous number of job opportunities for the native society. He partnered with Richard Bermudas to do several project developments such as wanting to expand and build more diagnostic radiology facilities to another geographical location.


After conducting a thorough research in technology and treatment, the two partners concluded that TMS had the capability to become a psychiatric facility with proper medication. TMS is a California based unified social health facility provider. The treatment of the patients suffering from depressive disorder raised with a high number making the development worthy. Ara Chackerian love and compassion for the ill ensured TMS had the capability to assist thousands of patients. He believed that with the proper experience and support, creating outpatient healthcare was easy and could serve for a long duration to the community. For more info you can visit



The main objective of Ara Chackerian is to provide health delivery technique that will allow the ill and the doctors to achieve a positive result. Through his partnership with Richard, they have been able to create seven health care attending to the people of San Francisco. He is also following the Digital healthcare, which has been trending. Telemedicine helped the facility apps to have the capability to bring value to the systems of health. In addition, algorithms have the capability to uplift the behavior modifications that can assist the ill. In regard to the provisions, it can evaluate the development in individual health manners. He also partnered with some individuals to co-own PipelineRx which is a countrywide supplier of telepharmacy facilities. To see more checkout


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Drew Madden: Healthcare IT Knowledge And Experience

As companies in the healthcare industry begin to realize how important it is to have electronic medical records systems that are up-to-date and able to process patient and consumer information efficiently and securely, the field of healthcare IT is increasingly important. As a result, healthcare facilities and companies are in need of skilled professionals who are capable of analyzing current systems, then creating new and innovative methods to incorporate key aspects of cloud technology and cybersecurity into these systems. However, due to the complexities associated with such moves as the merger of CVS and Aetna and Amazon’s entry into the world of pharmaceuticals by becoming licensed across the Unites States, those in charge of analyzing and designing these records systems must possess high levels of experience and knowledge. Because of this, Drew Madden and his company Nordic Consulting Partners are always in demand by today’s leading healthcare providers and corporations.


With the current state of healthcare insurance often feeling as if it is in disarray, there are numerous cases where electronic records systems have been breached, allowing sensitive information of patients and consumers to fall into the hands of unauthorized individuals. When skilled IT professionals such as Drew Madden are called in to examine these systems, one of the first things that often presents itself is software that is vastly outdated to deal with today’s large amounts of information. Along with this, the systems are also void of many high-level security measures that are often included in state-of-the-art systems, leading to multiple opportunities for data breaches to happen. When creating new systems or upgrading current ones, Drew Madden regularly applies concepts of software development, industrial engineering, and other related areas to ensure all information will be safeguarded. Read This Article to learn more.


Having gained a reputation for excellence, Drew Madden and Nordic Consulting Partners are working with many of the world’s leading healthcare facilities and companies on a regular basis. Whether helping create a new data network for a large medical center or consulting with IT professionals from a leading corporation, Drew and his NCP team provide ideas that lead to new and innovative solutions.