Lawyer, Animal Lover: Ross Abelow

Most people are aware of the overwhelming number of animals occupying space within animal shelters across the country. However, many don’t realize there are just as many homeless animals who lack even the basic comfort of a shelter. These animals rely on their own instinct and skill, fighting for their food, their space to sleep, and their very survival. The sad truth is that there is no sustainable way for the country to offer care for all of these animals, but there are people who try.
Ross Abelow is one of those people.
A lawyer in New York City, Ross Abelow is already a community oriented individual, and now he is reaching out on the behalf of the residents without a voice. Abelow has announced the launch of a Go Fund Me campaign in order to raise money for homeless animal support. Even for people who don’t live in New York City, or the state of New York, this is a great opportunity for animal lovers across the nation. The goal is to raise $5000 to fund shelters. As New York City is one of the most densely populated cities worldwide, it is little surprise that there is a high density of animals as well. With so many dogs, cats, and more to care for, shelters lack the space to care for the growing number of animals in need. They lack blankets , food, vaccines, and vital medical equipment for the pets living in the shelter, much less those on the streets. Funds raised by this campaign will be used to relieve the suffering of the innocent, vulnerable animals on the street.
This year, record cold temperatures have buffeted New York, becoming commonplace in New York City. Now, the homeless animals are at serious risk from the freezing weather, suffering hypothermia and frostbite, many of them dying. While Abelow is a lawyer specializing in family law, entertainment law, and commercial litigation, he has dedicated his time and resources to a campaign to help prevent animal deaths on the streets, and help animal shelters funded so that they may care for the animals who would otherwise be out of luck. This gesture of compassion says a lot for the character of the man.
Animal lovers around the country have a great chance to provide support for these often forgotten animals, with Abelow leading the charge.

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