Is Freedom Checks Legitimate?

Freedom Checks is a tax free investment that isn’t run by a federal program but without exit without federal law. Firms like these are called master limited partnerships. MLP’s operates within the natural gas and oil sector. In order to get a tax exemption, MLP’s must pay $.90 on the dollar to each investor. These payouts are called “distributions”.

What makes MLP’s so attractive is the fact that the money earned from that cannot be taxed. Now that is a plus because even lottery winners are taxed. And the reason this money isn’t taxed is because the government does offer incentives for those that invest in natural resources. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Individuals have listened to the Freedom Checks add on the radio, urging its listeners to act now and so forth. But what most people want to know is whether or not Freedom Checks are legit and not a scam. Its just that most people don’t understand it and simply pass it over. Buf if you do a google search, it will return positive feedback stating that the time is now to act on getting a big payout. So is Freedom Checks a scam? Not really, but its not giving the full background on how the payouts are done. So the breakdown goes something like this; once you invest in an MLP, which means you are purchasing “stock” from the company and getting quarterly yields if the company does good. This is really similar to buying actual stock but the difference is that all but 10% of the companies revenue comes from the earths natural resources.

The whole idea behind Freedom Check is that companies would rather pay their investors their profits verses give it to the government. Matt Badiali is the man behind the idea and once you go to the website, he gives you a breakdown of what Freedom Check can do for you. While you won’t make it big investing small amounts, the MLP does give the option to small investments. But keep in mind that the smaller the investment, the small the payout is. The big payouts come from wealthy investors that invest thousands or even millions of dollars.

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