The Illustrious Career Of David McDonald In The Food Industry

Since the early days of the new millennium, OSI Group has maintained a steady growth not only in size but also in the number of products they offer the meat market. David McDonald has without a doubt played a critical role in overseeing the growth of the global conglomerate. He has over the years contributed immensely in the setting up of policies, procedures, and strategies that continue to deliver results to date. David has been a humble servant in the company for more than 30 years where he has risen through the management ranks and today serves as both the president and Chief Operating Officer.

OSI Group has taken its rightful place in the global food marketplace. In the beginning, OSI was referred to as Otto & Sons Co, and it was just a middle-level supplier of meat in the localities of Chicago. After years meeting the needs of most retailers in Chicago, big companies started noticing their worth. McDonald’s chain of restaurant wanted a local supply of meat, and there was no better partner than Otto & Sons. After years of high tides in the partnership, the two companies decided to make new arrangements. Apart from being the regional supplier, OSI also became the primary supplier of meat to all McDonald’s joints in the world.

David McDonald started his escapades in all matters agriculture in their family farm in Iowa. After high school, he joined the Iowa State University from where he would graduate with a degree in animal science. Iowa State as an institution took notice of David’s love for agriculture and even awarded him with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. The prize is given to scholars who are not only good at academics but also useful in community activities and more so those that are willing to hold on to their characters even after school.

David McDonald is an optimist and believes that a company can achieve success everywhere around the world. Currently, OSI Group is in an expansion quest, and David is leading its entry into the European market. Just the other day, OSI purchased Flagship Europe which is a distributor of meat products in Europe, and Baho Foods which is a significant player in the Dutch meat markets. David McDonald’s career in the food industry has seen him traverse many borders and has created cordial relationships with suppliers, government agencies, and retailers along the way.

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