Western Union + PSI Pay = Joy For United Kingdom Residents

For the longest time, only financial institutions – a drawn-out term that essentially equates to banks – offered financial services to consumers. In order to get a debit card, for example, people had to consult banks like Wells Fargo and Regions. People couldn’t schedule bill payments without having a checking account. In short, consumers couldn’t do anything other than use cash if they wanted to seek out consumer-level financial services to make their lives easier and wallets fatter.


Today, the financial services industry is full of players that are not considered financial institutions. Take, for example, PayPal. In the past, sites like eBay used PayPal to secure payments from customers and pay sellers of such goods. Today, PayPal offers customers prepaid debit cards for a charge of only $4.95 per month; many people prefer PayPal prepaid debit cards because they can’t be overdrawn like checking accounts at traditional banks – those mistakes cost upwards of $30 at almost all banks across the United States.


Consumers in the United Kingdom now can use Western Union to top up digital wallet balances


Digital wallets are a relatively new concept. People put electronic money in them as opposed to cold, hard cash. Electronic money is nothing more than when an entity like PSI Pay accepts a payment from a customer to add money to her ecoPayz digital wallet. PSI Pay keeps the physical money – let’s say that amount is $100 – and then adds slightly less than $100 onto the account of that customer. The remainder of the $100 is retained by PSI Pay as a fee for the services it provides.


Last month, Western Union made available to consumers throughout the United Kingdom the ability to add money to their PSI Pay digital wallets through digital means. Until this point, people in the United Kingdom could use Western Union’s full line of traditional services, though they could not transfer money using Western Union’s website, its mobile app, the official ecoPayz app, or through any other digital means.


ecoPayz is part of PSI Pay’s network of digital wallets. Now, ecoPayz account holders can send money throughout the world via Western Union. Such integrations didn’t take so long to come about because Western Union and other financial services providers outside of financial institutions weren’t willing to provide them; rather, no digital payment servicer was able to fund such an integration with Western Union.





Meet Michael Burwell

Meet Michael Burwell: As the new CFO of Willis Tower Watson, Mr. Burwell brings impressive financial experience and leadership garnered in his previous corporate role at PwC.


As the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Willis Tower Watson, Michael Burwell brings an impressive work résumé with him. And one that includes many successful roles at his last employer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC, which is one of the largest consulting companies in the world, employed Michael Burwell for 31 years before he accepted the CFO position at Willis Tower Watson.


During his 31 years at PwC, Michael Burwell had many important leadership roles. Some of these included the following: The Head of Global Transformation, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, and the head of Transaction Services for the company’s U.S. operations. Burwell also has 10 plus years of audit experience, and 12 plus years of Transaction Services advisory background. Mr. Burwell is also well versed in pre-merger valuation and due diligence. See This Page for related information.


Willis Tower Watson is a global company whose corporate focus involves risk management, insurance brokerage, solutions, and advisory. Willis Tower Watson was founded in January of 2016. Michael Burwell replaced Roger Millay, the prior CFO, who retired from Willis Tower Watson in October of 2017.


John Haley, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Tower Watson, noted about Burwell’s addition to the company, that he is thrilled to have Burwell join the leadership at this important point in the company’s evolution. CEO, John Haley also quipped that Michael Burwell is well-versed in leading, managing and driving results in a complicated, international company with a strong regard to its clients. In terms of Burwell’s competence in these matters involving the CFO position at Willis Towers Watson, Haley stressed that he was quite confident in Burwell ability to guide the company’s long-term growth and integration efforts. Haley went on to say that Burwell’s efforts will help Willis Tower Watson maximize its full potential.


In regard to Michael Burwell’s new role as CFO at Willis tower Watson that he was quite honored to have the opportunity to be a part of Willis Tower Watson, and is impressed with its current leadership.


Michael Burwell has also been involved in charities and philanthropy. Burnell has been a board member of the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center.


Michael Burwell earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Michigan State, and he is also a certified public accountant (CPA).


Read More: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=25893554&privcapId=36623

Michael Burwell Appointed CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

In August of 2017, Willis Towers Watson announced the appointment of Michael Burwell, to assume the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the company. He began in his new endeavor in early October of 2017, upon the voluntary retirement of the company’s exiting CFO, Roger Millay.


Prior to his new appointment, Michael Burwell was employed at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), for 31 years. He is a CPA, and held several executive leadership roles while at the distinguished accounting firm, which is one of the Big 4 in the industry. Over the course of his career there, he was recognized for his expertise. His positions held at PwC included that of Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transformation, Partner, and Chief Financial Officer.


In his announcement last year, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, spoke about the impact that Michael Burwell would have as the new CFO. He said that he was excited to welcome him, and to have him as a new member of their team. Mr. Haley is confident that Burwell will be very well suited, and one that will serve well to advance the company in its global endeavors.


Michael Burwell graduated from Michigan State University, with a degree in Business Administration. As a CPA, he has dedicated his entire career to the complex business of finance. He has experience in pre-merger due diligence analysis, technological strategic planning, and global strategic funding and sourcing, just to name a few of his areas of expertise. He has also worked with numerous corporate audit clients, many buy and sell projects, organizational effectiveness strategy, and more. See This Page for additional information.


All of this experience and expertise has more than earned him his current title, that of CFO at Willis Towers Watson. The company’s focus deals in the complexities of global advisory issues, as well as insurance and reinsurance solutions on a largely global basis. The company has several locations throughout the world. It just announced, in London, its new Global Ecosystem Resilience Facility will open. Commenting on his much-anticipated appointment, Michael Burwell spoke about how impressed he was with the talented, and committed executive leadership team at Willis Towers Watson.


View Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=25893554&privcapId=36623