David Giertz – Emphasizing on the Importance of Social Security

David Giertz is a nationally acclaimed financial expert and is the President of the Nationwide Financial Distributions, which is the distribution arm of the successful finance firm Nationwide Financials. The company offers a broad range of financial products and excels at providing a variety of lucrative retirement planning products at https://angel.co/david-giertz. David has decades of experience in the finance sector and has worked with many leading finance companies over the years. It is due to his expertise and experience that he is called upon to speak on various finance related topics by leading publications, TV shows, and radio and broadcasting networks.

David Giertz recently talked to Wall Street Journal about the importance of Social Security, and why so many people are choosing out of it. David Giertz said that it is not the individuals who are seeking an alternative to Social Security, but their financial advisors, who are advising their clients to opt out social security on CNBC.com. David said that it is a huge mistake to exclude social security in the retirement planning as it is a significant component that continues to add up over time. However, due to the complexity involved in managing and understanding it, many of the financial advisors feel that the best way is to exclude it from the planning at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051.

David Giertz feels that as per the research conducted by the Nationwide Financial Research Institute, people are ready to change their financial advisors if they do not mend their ways and give proper advice. David has done Masters in Business Administration and has completed graduation from the Millikin University. Over the years, David has been associated with the Nationwide Financial and helped the company expand its operations and sales considerably. He feels that people should start their retirement planning early and must invest in diverse investment options, but without compromising on their social security on facebook.com.

Entrepreneur Keith Mann Leads Top Company

Keith Mann is the co founder of a company known as Dynamic Search Partners. He is also the current Managing Director of his company as well. Mann’s company specializes in hedge funds and other alternative types of financial securities. Another thing that Mann does is provide executive search services and staffing for a number of equity finance firms. Since the year of 2001, Mann’s company has looked to fulfill over 2,000 mandates by clients. Along with reaching staffing goals, Mann’s company has also expanded operations to more than just staffing for finance professional positions. Dynamic Search Partners has established itself with one of the largest databases of financial executives in the entire nation.


Prior to becoming the managing director,Keith Mann started off as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. He would quickly rise up the ranks and reach the position of vice president. At this position, Keith would demonstrate quality leadership as he would frequently provide the firm with clear goals and objectives to reach. Mann helped the company find the most effective ways to help clients manage hedge funds as well as look for and recommend the top talent of financial professionals. With his leadership and expertise, Keith Mann has firmly established himself as one of the top entrepreneurs in his respective industry of financial staffing and management.


Along with working in the finance industry, Keith Mann has given back to his community. He recently announced that he will offer the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award is intended to provide recognition of the most innovative business leaders. Keith and Keely Mann have partnered up with Uncommon School in order to offer this scholarship to recipients who graduate from one of the Uncommon School locations throughout Brooklyn, New York. Mann has stated that the purpose of this scholarship program is to help prepare low income students attend and graduate from college. He has also looked to provide this scholarship so that individuals can attain professional success as well. With this scholarship program, Keith will definitely help a number of individuals take advantage of opportunities that will allow them to more easily achieve their goals.