Rona Borre Takes the Doubters to Task

When Rona Borre started her staffing company, Instant Alliance in Chicago in 2001, she had just quit her job where she had been at the top of the heap of salespeople and had led the company in sales. She also commanded control of a $30 million book of annual business.

However, that company had been sold, and Borre figured that it was time to set up her own business and control her own destiny. She started small but soon had several account executives working for Instant Alliance, and she was beginning to make a dent in the staffing community.

Rona Borre’s primary talent is in selling and the development of relationships that last between her and the client companies. This is something that most staffing companies never do, that is to establish tight relationships with their clients, so they just lose them to companies like Borre’s.

It is one thing to talk about it, but another thing to actually do, but that is what Borre has trained her account executives to do as well, so they are actually clones of Rona, so to speak, as when they master the art of relationships, Rona is merely multiplying herself.

When Rona was in the early years of the company, she hires some seasoned veterans from some fairly large staffing companies. However, they had been used to lots of support and were not much good at thinking on their own, so they failed fairly fast and cost Borre some considerable money in the process.

What Rona got out of that exercise that she would have to hire and train her own people with the skills that she brought to the table. And that is exactly what she did, and the results speak for themselves.

Borre wants to know everything about the client and the culture that exists in his company. Then she can learn what kind of talent will fit in because if they can’t survive in the culture, then it won’t work.  Related article on

Borre is in demand all over Chicago as a speaker at civic clubs, and other venues and is active in various business organizations taking on leadership roles. Learn more about Borre, have a peek on this.

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