Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Golden Touch: Providing Beauty That Lasts A Lifetime

Dr. Jennifer Walden has always had a sense for beauty. She understands the pressing need that women have to correct their imperfections. Walden’s interest in cosmetic surgery stems from encouraging words that one of her eight grade teachers expressed and her love for creating something beautiful. Dr. Jennifer Walden professors at the University of Texas also provided the encouragement she needed to pursue her dream.

It wouldn’t be easy. Her residency training would test her resolve but it paid off. She was selected for a fellowship at the famous Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Dr. Sherrell Austin saw Walden’s talent and took her on as an associate. It was his mentoring that Walden utilized greatly to enhance her chosen profession.

Walden felt privileged to work with the world renowned aesthetic plastic surgeon. It was during that eight year period that she honed her golden touch. When an opportunity came to go back to her home in Austin, Texas she decided to leave. The opportunity to further her career while caring for her twin sons was too much to pass up. Dr. Austin supported her decision.

What excited Walden most about the move back to her native Austin was the ability she would now have to expand her services. It had been a dream to open up a practice of her own and provide many of the plastic and cosmetic surgeries she had been trained to do. She also loved that she would be able to work with so many interesting people to help them achieve beauty that would last a lifetime.

Walden’s innovative use of the advanced technologies garnered her praise from her peers. She was named the one of “Best Plastic Surgeons in America” and has been featured spokeswoman for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2015. Walden knows that women especially like to have someone that understands them. The cosmetic surgery that she specializes in is breast augmentation, but she also provides vaginal rejuvenation, face lifts and rhinoplasty for patients. Her love for making her patients feel beautiful is what drives her to continue to provide these services.