Brazil Is A Growing City For Real Estate



The real estate market in Brazil is on a rise. Numbers have increased in the past five years and are expected to continue to increase in the next five. There have been oil discoveries on Rio’s Coast and recently the World Cup and 2016 Olympics have been held in Brazil making the country a goldmine for real estate investors.


With more buildings and homes in Brazil, comes the need to hire more construction companies. There are a few Brazilian infrastructure companies that are responsible for a majority of the construction works in the country. OAS is one of the construction companies in Brazil that specializes in civil construction and infrastructure. Another top company is Cyrela, who operates businesses in 16 different Brazilian countries.


Construcap is one of the top ten construction companies in Brazil and is known for its superior quality. Established in 1944, this successful company specializes in commercial, industrial, road, rail, aeroviárias, and port and infrastructure. This company has also covered all legal grounds and is in compliance with ISO standards and OHSAS.


Construcap is a unique innovative company that combined engineering with construction. It has proven success with a gross revenue of BRL 1.98 billion in 2012 alone. Construcap has built Fiat factories, as well as stores for major grocery chains, constructed train lines, produced major highways, and has even built power plants. It is definitely a company to consider if thinking about investing in real estate in Brazil.  Especially when you factor in the platinum seal award they’ve won.   Look up vacancies on, to see if there are any good jobs available in Construcap.