The Original Thinking And Successful Ideas Of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental so both sides of the industry would have the best possible promotion and care. The company has seventy affiliated locations in six states and 533 employees.


MB2 Dental is owned by dentists and focuses on personal growth, support and autonomy. They aid dental practices in making improvements resulting in better care for the patients. This began because the only options available for dentists were to join a practice or open a private practice.


Dr. Villanueva is excited about the role technology plays in the industry because it enhances the experience of the patient. He also promotes a light mood in the office and believes in honesty. He says his worst job was when he was fresh out of dental school and worked as a dental associate. Since decisions were being made by a non-clinician he felt patient care was suffering.


Dr. Villanueva wanted to build a business that was run by the doctors. He felt a combination of group and private practices would work incredibly well. MB2 focuses on the positive aspects of both.


Dr. Villanueva once formed a group with three of his dentist colleagues and decided to start a restaurant that served pizza. Although the restaurant did not do well he learned a lot. He realized success is taking something you are good at and focusing on your plan without being distracted.


Dr. Villanueva uses software created from scratch. He needed something that would work with the intricacies of his specific business platform yet would still meet compliance specifications. He invested in his IT department with great success. The software is call Jarvis since the doctor is a fan of Iron Man and Marvel. He says he has a laugh every time he is taking to someone about Jarvis.


Dr. Villanueva says Start With written by Simon Sinek is his favorite book. He sees the value in everyone understanding the reasons why they are doing things a certain way. He wants everyone to be centered around the companies core values as well as providing the best possible experience for the patients. Start With is an easy read and gives examples of companies who have achieved success by focusing on why they do what they do. He believes it applies to any industry and has helped form the vision of MB2 Dental. Dr. Villanueva highly recommends anyone in business take an afternoon to read this book.