Sunday Riley Opens Up on Good Genes and More

Sunday Riley recently shared her thoughts on her hugely popular skincare brand, also called Sunday Riley.

The Sunday Riley brand, Riley explained, was launched to fill a gap in the market. Riley mixed science based ingredients and botanicals to create what she describes as “green technology“. In 2009, when Sunday Riley was launched, this mixture of natural and chemical ingredients was an innovation.

Riley learned about cosmetic chemistry in a hands-on manner through developing her products. Although Riley strongly believes in scientifically based active ingredients,she views product development as more of an art than a science. Riley loves to experiment through trial and error.

Riley says she’s proud of her entire line of products equally, even if some sell better than others. The product Good Genes, for one, is tremendously popular and is a best seller. Other top selling products include Power Couple, C.E.O., Luna, and Tidal.

Good Genes in particular has a major cult following. Riley attributes the popularity of Good Genes to finding a niche in the market. She explained that not many skincare products containing acids existed in the US market at the time of the product launch. Beauty junkies did use acids, but Good Genes attracted a following among more average consumers. The non-irritating formula was also a major factor in the success of Good Genes.

Riley does not let fame go to her head. Although she does go on Reddit where her fans congregate, she generally avoids reading her own press and even looking at her own photos. Riley emphasized that although the brand is named after her, the similarities end there. She doesn’t define herself by her brand.

As part of her personal skincare regimen, Sunday Riley uses Good Genes three times a week. As part of her daily morning ritual, she uses C.E.O. vitamin C serum followed by Tidal. She uses C.E.O. serum and Luna nightly. Riley’s pro-tip for great skin is twice a day face-washing and exfoliation.

Riley has recently developed a new foundation. A minimum of 20 shades will be available so everyone can find a match for their skin.