Dr. Jennifer Walden Changing the World for the Better

Many women have opted for a myriad of plastic surgery since the initial popularity of breast augmentation in the 1960s. The field of plastic surgery has grown rapidly, and while boob jobs are still the number one option, there are many other choices, including even breast reductions. In the past, the majority of surgeons doing plastic surgery was predominately male, but that has changed, and Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden has been a good example. She is the head of a practice in Austin and is held in high regard in the medical community and is a popular go-to figure for any comments regarding her field in the Texas area.

This attractive, well-spoken surgeon gained her medical experience in the New York City area and decided to return to her roots in the Austin area. She has an extended family in Austin and recently adopted two boys to allow her the experience of motherhood in her very busy professional career that has left little time for a personal life.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has donated much of her free time to being a spokesperson for medical issues in the Austin, Texas area. She is featured on a recurring television program discussing items medical and social in the Austin area.

Plastic surgery is gaining a foothold in the United States of America among the middle and upper classes. Men, too, are becoming aware of the benefits of plastic surgery. Salesmen, in particular, can benefit from having a flaw free face and a positive physical presence. Our American way of life is very concerned with physical appearances, and those who do not appear beautiful and physically fit are deemed to be inferior. The American culture in this age of social media and reality stars who have no real purpose in life other than looking good, driving supercars and living in gorgeous mansions, has placed too much emphasis on physical beauty.

We are reminded of the female tennis player who had breast reduction surgery and then raced up the WTA rankings at one time flirting with the number one position. Walden and her profession definitely do good as well as making our world a better-looking place.