Former Hawks Owner, Bruce Levenson Files A Law Suit Against AIG Insurance

Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner of AHBE, sued AIG insurance over breach of contract involving failure to settle claims under general manager Danny Ferry. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) is the former owner of the Hawks NBA franchise. The new Hawks administration is led by principal owner, Tony Ressler.

The breach of contract lawsuit against AIG was filed in Fulton County’s Superior Court. According to the court documents, the insurance policy covered losses regarding employment practices on which AHBE notified AIG that it was liable. According to AHBE, individual acts covered in the policy such as ‘workplace torts’ and ‘wrongful termination’ had occurred yet AIG failed to cover as stipulated in the contract.

The lawsuit claimed that AIG failed to act on the triggering of the policy. AHBE claim that there was a breach of contract for AIG’s failure to cover losses incurred in the settlement. According to AHBE’s counsel, Mr. Ferry’s counsel was non-cooperative in both accepting and defending of said claims.

AIG’s refusal of settling those claims without significant justification is regarded as insurance in bad faith, and therefore AHBE are seeking a 50% penalty of the unpaid losses as well as the settlement of the attorney fees.

The current Hawks ownership led by Tony Ressler distanced itself from the ongoing court cases. A spokesperson for the group acknowledged they had knowledge of the pending case but stressed that the current Hawks ownership no longer had ties to the AHBE group, which had filed the lawsuit.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist (, and a sports lover. He attended Washington University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. He then attended the American University Law School from which he graduated. As an entrepreneur, he is involved in United Communications Group which he founded in 1977. He is also a Co-Founder and Director in TechTarget. As a philanthropist, he is involved in programs such as the Community Foundation and Hoop Dreams Foundation in Washington DC. For more info, visit the Brucelevenson Official website and Wiki page.