How Amazon is Getting Beat by Fabletics in The Fashion Industry

No one ever said that the fashion market was an easy place to be in. In fact, most people believe that it is one of the hardest markets to obtain a good stance in, being that fashion trends change all the time and designers are constantly being put on the back burner for new designers. This is one of the main reasons that it is so impossibly amazing that Fabletics has taken the fashion industry by a storm and has beaten Amazon in the process of doing so.


How big is this company? Kate Hudson, with the help of her two co-founders who helped her creat Fabletics, has brought the company to the amazing threshhold of being in the $250 million range over the span of three years. This company has found a formula that makes them beat out the competition at amazing rates. What is this amazing formula that they have implemented? They have found ways to keep the attention of all of their clients and also keep their interest. This business is a company that lets users purchase a subscription and at the same time the clients are able to purchase clothing and accessories that are of the lates trends within the activewear industry.


When it comes to the trends of today a lot has been added to the list of what counts as a good fashion company. Some things like having popular designers and being able to offer customers a great experience while shopping have become the needed ingredients into making a business that will succeed. These are just some of the reasons that the Fabletics company has become an industry standard when it comes to where to go for everything activewear.


Prices are another thing to take into consideration when trying to make a fashion business succeed. Fabletics has decided to rise above all others in this sense and in many other fields by creating prices that their competitors are just not able to beat when it comes to designer clothing and accessories. They know that it is not just about providing good product with designer names attached but also is about ensuring the prices are good enough.


The Ultimate Fabletics Shopping Experience


The Fabletics comany has been in business since October of the year 2013. This was the time that it was founded by three different people, Kate Hudson and her two co-founders. What makes this company rise above all others? This subscription allows clients to put in the specific details about their fashion sense and their particular life styles in order to provide them with a line with outfits and accessories that are designed just for them.


This cuts out the need for taking a long time to pick out outfits and has turned Fabletics into one of the best companies around when it comes to providing the ultimate shopping experience, making Fabletics able to beat out the competition in terms of companies like amazon among many others in the fashion industry. As the leading provider in fashion they are able to give their customers the best of everything making them the greatest fashion business to have come into this industry.