Majeed Ekbal: Service is his Nature

When tragedy strikes, one can usually find a silver lining around even the darkest of clouds. In April of this year when Nepal was ravaged by earthquakes that registered 7.9 Mw’s, killing 9000, and injuring countless more, the people of Nepal were left looking for a silver lining around the cloud that had shaken their beautiful country to the core. The U.S. government pledged $1 million in aid to the fallen country, but that was not even enough to scratch the surface.

The silver lining appeared, as it so often does in crisis, in the form of volunteers who took it upon themselves to make Nepal their cause. These volunteers promptly formed the Nepali Association of North America, and in response to the sparse amount given in relief funds by the U.S. government, they have vowed to raise $1 million towards hurricane relief for the people of Nepal. The group issued forth a challenge to none other than President Obama himself, that upon realizing their $1 million, goal the U.S. government would match their total a hundred fold.

It is uplifting to see regular people who are not necessarily in a position of established power or authority step up to the plate to help their fellow man. In the wake of the Nepal earthquake, Majeed Ekbal did just that as he locked arms with the Nepali Association of North America to bring aid and awareness to the catastrophe that had claimed 9000 lives and injured countless others.

Majeed Ekbal, a Chicago based real-estate investor, is no stranger to philanthropy or activism. He is involved locally, nationally, and internationally in efforts to educate women and children, and also fight child slavery and abuse. Ekbal’s since of service is even evident in his latest business venture, Exspresso. In a nutshell, it is a company that delivers groceries to people who order them online, and each delivery is $10 or less. Take into consideration the size and traffic of Chicago, coupled with the elements and grocery store lines, and the fact that residents can now avoid all of these things for only ten bucks more than the cost of their groceries, well that is great service. What Ekbal has put into motion with Expresso is what makes a business grow and thrive; he is meeting very viable consumer needs and doing it at a cost friendly rate. It appears that service to others is just the Majeed Ekbal way.
For more information on how you can help Majeed and the Nepali Association of North America just visit his Twitter page.