Goettl Finally Announces the Acquisition of HVAC Company

Not long ago, Goettl Air Conditioning hit the headlines with news of acquiring HVAC Company Walton’s Heating and Air. The announcement got many by a surprise who viewed HVAC as a crushing company hence the move unnecessary. From a professional’s perspective, the move is meant to promote Goettl’s growth strategy since it has never been in California. After all, Ken Goodrich is prominent for his skills of reviving falling companies hence the HVAC Company situation didn’t pose any new challenge to his long and fruitful career.

Goettl Company has stable stations in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson. Acquiring HVAC Company, a family-owned business opened more platforms for Goettl Company which is seeking expansion to different cities. According to Todd Longbrake, the state of HVAC Company was slowly deteriorating to closure. However, Longbrake insists that being the leader, he had dedicated his duties to bring the company back to life without success. When Goodrich and his company approached Longbrake with a proposal to acquire HVAC Company, Longbrake was first reluctant, but after evaluating, he decided to give the deal a chance.

The grand deal was settled in 2015. Today, Longbrake never regrets having joined the agreement as HVAC Company has continued to thrive to greater profits. The deal saw Longbrake get a role as a sales manager and field supervisor, a profession that he is experienced. According to Goodrich, this acquisition was unique because the likes of Longbrake took the least time possible to adapt to the new system hence success. Although Goettl acquired HVAC Company in 2015, the deal was made official about a month which brought the question as to why that late. According to Ken Goodrich, the report was made that late to ensure that everything had fallen into place.

About Goettl Company

Goettl Air Conditioning has a history that runs from 1939. The company was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. Originally, the company was renowned for its unique brand of air conditioning equipment that would handle the Southwest climate efficiently. However, with time, the company’s services have continued to evolve.

Today, Goettl is known for offering the best AC and heating equipment. Besides, the company also offers a successful range of maintenance, repair and replacement services. The company has stations in Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, and now California. The company is headquartered in Nevada and operates as a private entity.

In 2008, the family-owned business was acquired by the American Residential Services (ARS) who later sold it to Phoenix Peach after facing various legal suits. Today, Goettl has over 306 employees. However, due to the new acquisition, the company project to have more than 200 job openings in Tucson and Phoenix.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Avails Property Reports Online

For a long time, the real estate market was faced with lots of title defects causing a major concern in the industry. Many people felt that these defects slowed transitions of assets in the secondary market contrary to the expected smooth flow, while others felt there were wrong foreclosures. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. responded to these calls by availing property reports online upon ordering. The executives of NTC explains that property records have the power to reducing the buyback risk, inability to foreclosure, and also holds the key to ensuring a clear title conveyance.


Website Update


NTC applied its mandate as the leading researcher and document processing provider in the mortgage and financial industry to simplify property reports securing process. They achieved this by updating their site to make reports available online upon request. This step by NTC stopped defects such as a person or entity requesting documents for a property owned by another person.


Factors Rendering a Title Invalid


The move to take call for action to the several defect claims in the real estate industry helped resolve the following issues that can render a title invalid;

  • Simple wording issues within the document that do not comply with an areas real estate standards.
  • Missing signature from a necessary person for the transaction to go through such as a spouse.
  • Failure to free the title from previous liens or encumbrances which make the unmarketable.
  • Failure to follow the right filing procedure when recording real estate.


John Hillman, the NTC CEO noted that it is necessary to address the title defects before selling any property. This was pointed after making the following documents available online;

  • Tax Status Report.
  • Current Owner Report.
  • Tax Status (Plus) Report.
  • Assignment Verification Report Services.


John gave the assurance that NTC reports are based on data obtained from multiple sources which is all verified both by human and automated systems. This verifications ensures accuracy of all report provided by NTC.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


NTC is a private owned and the leading provider of research and document processing services based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company which was started in 1991 offers its services to mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers.


The company provides its services nationwide with the use of experts who track all details of a property to ensure it meets the county’s document requirements. Among the reports it provides are property reports, land record research, assignment services, lien release services, final document tracking, and document retrieval.


A New Five Star Hospital!

If you’re eating at a five star restaurant on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, you just might be inside one of the newest, most highly rated hospitals in Brazil, the Copa Star. The restaurant is just one aspect of a new series of hospitals that might be opened in Brazil in the near future.

The Copa Star’s luxury and unusual patient care and looks strike a person the minute they walk in. The lobby features a grand piano. There are pieces of artwork all over the hospital, and some of the nicest are in the lobby for guests to admire. One feels like you’re more in a luxury hotel than a hospital.

The patients don’t have rooms; they have suites of rooms. They control the temperature, the lighting, and even the drapes from their beds with a tablet interface. The same tablet can be used for contacting the doctors and actually receiving reports of tests and other information. The tablet serves as a means of communication with the doctors and the nurses as well.

The Intensive Care Unit has 59 rooms with video displays of the street outside, the beach, and corridors in the hospital. This is done so that the intensive care patient doesn’t feel so isolated from the rest of the world while in ICU. The isolation of an intensive care unit can be devastating to some patients, and this helps to alleviate that dismal feeling patients get while being alone and isolated from friends and family.

There are 55 patient suites, each of them a suite of rooms, sometimes for guests to stay with the patient for a while.

The hospital boasts state of the art operating rooms with robotic aids, and all of the necessary equipment to let the doctors know exactly how the patient is doing while being operated upon.

The hospital is operated by a company named D’Or, which has a number of hospitals in Brazil, and plans to open more Copa Stars in the near future, in Brasilia and Sao Paulo, according to Jorge Moll, who is the president of the D’Or Institute.

Stop Living in the Magical World- Possess Your Future Now


According to Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Ltd, today, many people are not taking money issues such as saving and investing seriously. They do not make informed decisions now that will positively affect their financial status in the years to come. Some live in the magical world where they think that if they play the lottery repeatedly, chances of winning enough to transform their lives or solve most of their financial issues are increased. But the truth is chances of winning never increase with the many times you play the lottery. This rational thinking ends up putting them in more problems than they were in.


Why are People not Saving for the Future?

People tend to also think that they have more chances of making more money in the future than they have now, therefore, they do not invest or use wisely what they are earning at the moment. When you change your thinking and realize that you can be faced by emergencies in the future that require money or you need to save for retirement, you will start saving money faithfully. This though is not easy. Breaking free from the bondage of using all you make might require professional help.


Where Do You Get Help?


Jim Hunt, the CEO of VTA Publications is a professional who will not only help you start saving money but you will also learn how you can invest it wisely. With his help, you start seeing things in the real sense rather than assuming all will be well in the future. You discover that you will not be able to work all your life therefore the need to save for retirement and even buy your own house.


VTA Publications Ltd was established in the year 2012. It publishes materials on the financial and economics sector with an aim to offer long distance learning courses. It is also an events’ organizer and a booking agent for seminars and other events that enable its clients to access renowned experts from all walks of life. Jim Hunt has created the Wealth wave and How to Make Mum a Millionaire, detailed on PR Newswire, which are programs anyone can use to make money even from a falling stock market. He gives you tips and practical strategies that can turn you into a millionaire in no time.  Hear from Jim in real time via his Twitter feed.

Going with the OSI Group

Food products come in a variety of different types and qualities and this is why it is very important for you to consider a company that offers amazing products at great prices. Many people have chosen the OSI Group company because this is a business that you can trust when it comes to the quality of products you are buying for your own company. One thing to know about this amazing company is that they have been around for several years and they provide great quality food products to the food industry. This might be to people who own their own restaurant or cafeteria or even a company that has its own cooking facility inside for their workers or clients.

In order to learn more about the OSI Group company and to see if it is right for you as it has been for a lot of other individuals, you are going to want to visit their website or contact them to see if you can place an order. You will be able to order just about any type of product that you need for your company at an affordable price and you can then have it delivered right to your front door or place of business. This saves you a ton of time and also money when it comes to buying from a company you feel you are going to be able to trust in the long run and order from on a regular basis.

For anyone who has struggled to find a great company that they feel they can trust when it comes to their food quality products, it is very important for you to consider OSI Group as the company of your choosing. This is because of the fact that this is a company you can trust and know that they are going to provide great products at affordable prices that will benefit you and your clients. You can find out more information by checking them out on social media or even by visiting their website to learn more about their work ethics and the types of products they are able to deliver to you. You can even contact them by phone if you would like to learn more information without having to visit them online at all. The OSI Group company has been a leader in the food industry and is one of the best out there that people choose and go to whenever they need great products for the business that they are running themselves.

Connect with OSI Group, LLC on LinkedIn

Mike Baur, the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, a co-founder and managing partner of the Zurich Swiss Startup Factory, comes from Fribourg Switzerland. As a teenager, he always dreamt of working as a Banking Financer. Today he is a proud banker helping fellow Swiss citizens to achieve their goals too.
Mike is a graduate of the Rochester University with an MBA as well as an Executive MBA from the Bern University. He spent the 1st 20 years of his career in Swiss Private Banking. Mike was able to move up the ladder to secure a seat on the Executive Board of the Swiss Private bank. He is among the few people in the world that were able to achieve their dreams.
In the year 2014, Mr. Baur and two other partners co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The Factory is currently the best private and independent finance ICT Accelerator in their home country. The young entrepreneurs take him as a mentor.
Now as the managing director of the Zurich Startup Factory, he is working hard to ensure that fellow countrymen achieve their dreams too. The Company has a vision to be able to serve young and talented entrepreneurs in the Swiss Nation. He wants to provide the entrepreneurs with a professional implementation platform that takes them through business-driven, dedicated program with ambitious markers.

The Swiss startup lab
The company now offers many young entrepreneurs office equipment, office space, courses in accounting, networking platforms, connections with successful investors, employee benefits and business management. Mike has so far increased the enrollment and his factory’s staff. He wants to help the youth reach greater heights within the short period possible. He has used his long experience and connections in the banking industry to help him achieve this. “You cannot solely rely on perspiration, knowledge and inspiration will take your new business a notch higher than the rest.”
This dream has attracted many successful individuals around him. For example Michael Hartweg, Michael left his company Leonteq. He is already an investor in the Swiss Startup Factory. He will be coaching founders and future founders and corporations in the fintech industry.
For those looking forward to benefiting from the works of Mike Baur, you can take advantage of the three-month accelerator program which can be found on the company’s official website. You will get to present to some of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs and much more. You can see the requirements of this accelerator program in the same site.

Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed CEO of Coriant

Former Verizon executive, Shaygan Kheradpir has been appointed as Coriant’s new CEO and Chairman of the Board. Kheradpir assumes this new leadership position from his previous operating manager position at Coriant. He succeeds former CEO, Pat DiPietro, who is now Coriant’s chairman. Kheradpir’s focus will include implementing new growth initiatives and greater latitude to hold off competiting vendors like Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent.

Prior to Kheradpir’s work at Coriant, the 28-year old served as CEO of Juniper Networks. Before joining Juniper Networks, Kheradpir was an executive at Barclays PLC. Kheradpir is best known for his innovative work at Verizon, and its roll out strategy for FIOS Fiber to the Curb (FTTH) service.

According to an IHS Infonetics’ scorecard, Coriant’s market presence is strong although the company’smomentum took a dive in 2014, while competitors Infinera, and ZTE reaped gains. With this in mind, Kheradpir primary tasks will include targeting new equipment sales to meet client initiatives.

With bandwidth requirements constantly increasing, Coriant offers flexible solutions for connectivity options. The company offers a broad range of global optical networking systems, and an impressive track record. So impressive that international carriers in Australia and China are partnering and becoming key clients.

Choosing an IT Expert to Lead

Kheradpir is a veteran when it comes to successful technology gains. The former Verizon executive spearheaded the growth of the company’s FIOS roll out, bringing innovative approaches to Verizon’s features.

Shaygan Kheradpir has more than two decades of experience, pushing boundaries of innovation and is recognized as an IT expert. Starting at GTE, the company was bought by Verizon, and Kheradpir joined with them in 2000, serving as president, and was soon promoted to CIO/CTO of Verizon’s e-business division. He was soon bringing innovative approaches and ideas to the FiOS fiber optic initiatives and his team stood out. Soon thereafter, Kheradpir’s team was deploying the highly popular Verizon One device, which catapulted his company fame. During his tenure at Verizon, overhead was decreased, revenue gained and growth opportunity became significant. Now Kheradpir will take this aggressive approach of making Coriant the top contender in optical systems.

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Marc Sparks Insights On Business

Marc Sparks was born in 1960 and raised in Cleveland. He is the owner founder, and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is also a philanthropist, author, and an entrepreneur who is continually bringing in new ideas into business. In His book, They Can’t Eat You, Sparks creates a path as an entrepreneur to help others achieve. Entrepreneur Marc spark knows a lot concerning quality customer service. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads and Spark Tank

He has run an auto insurance company and a couple of restaurants in his successful career. Marc says that it’s absurd that most companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to acquire a customer. Then the company blows off that customer with a contemptible service after the sale.

He argues that the process of starting up a business begins with constructing a business model and accessing the mostly required resources to ensure success. He explained with the design of Timber Creek Capital that it’s not possible for us to host three different companies within our facility and offer a widespread incubation period. He says that a quality work environment is less than 25% of the overall necessities for success.

Marc Sparks argues that it could be easy for one to thrive when they set up their business where most people can reach and access it. This is because open places attract attention and thus boosts the sales compared to secluded places. It’s evident that Marc Sparks has an eye for detail and his genious strategies serve to enhance the eficiency of the workplace.

Having started most successful companies Marc explains that there exists a vital flow within an office which plays a great role in maximizing collaboration and output. In his book, They can’t eat you; he outlines a few failures and successes, and his journey in unfolding the realities of entrepreneurship.

Experiences gained led Marc Sparks to start Timber Creek Capital, LP, which consists of his 35years of entrepreneurial experience to handle all the stages of starting a sustainable business. He took on a handful of companies and offered mentorship on facilities such as marketing and banking. Marc Sparks’ commitment to entrepreneurial training and mentorship portrays him as a social entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

March Sparks says that he greatly understands the challenges and frustrating moments that are typical experienced when venturing in entrepreneurship.

His passion is to assist entrepreneurs to build their visions and companies to a serious mass by use of his experience. He gives some of the qualities that helped him achieve his entrepreneurial goals; passion, faith, focus, tenacity and the sense of urgency to respond to situations, which he and his team termed as “sparks speed.”

Learn more about Marc Sparks:


White Shark Media: An Online Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that was founded in the year 2011. The founder of White Shark Media were three Danish entrepreneurs who sought offline and online marketing solutions. They are well experienced in marketing and are always willing to share their knowledge with their clients. The online marketing solutions offered by White Shark Media are essentially directed to small and medium-sized businesses. It is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America. The agency offers world class customer service and has cost effective search marketing campaigns.

To foster better and more business relationships, White Shark Media has been using an online platform known as Disqus. The success of the company’s efforts can be found through https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediareview/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediareview/white_shark_media_review/. It has managed to get major clients such as iMarine Inc and Platinum Painters Canada. The company always seeks to maintain its clients and it tirelessly works to ensure that they offer the very best at all times through its team of qualified and experienced individuals.

The company has done its best to help businesses to grow through its amazing online marketing tactics and proprietary marketing tools. To ensure that it is accountable to its clients, the company has an internal accountability mechanism. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews | Glassdoor

The mechanism involves the use of keyword level tracking, Google analytics integration, competitive intelligence and proprietary reporting software. More on this internal mechanism can be found on www.whitesharkmedia.com White Shark Media has worked very closely with Google and this has resulted in it being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.

The company is ensures that it handle all customer complaints very professionally. This can be seen through its blog http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again. . It ensures that it deals with all complaints so as to build up on its relationship with its clients. This is further made possible by customers having access to White Shark Medias’ SEM strategist who are well equipped in monitoring and reviewing performance.

Currently according to http://www.topseos.com/profile/white-shark-media/ White Shark Media client retention rate stands at 8-10%. This is quite commendable bearing in mind that the digital marketing world is growing pretty fast and becoming competitive.

This link offers a reader a couple of reviews and comments from White Shark Media clients (Read more: White Shark Media Review – YouTube). The clients continually praise White Shark Media for offering the best Ad campaigns and managing them quite effectively. Through recommendations and the positive publicity that it receives it has managed to attract more clients since its inception.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints;


Sanjay Shah Takes Autism Rocks Further Towards It Goal

Speaking to EPN about his noble initiative “Autism Rocks”, Sanjay Shah reveals some amazing information about his philanthropic project and also, the success he has enjoyed as an entrepreneur.

Sanjay Shah has done many a great things when it comes to Solo Capital and his professional career can serve as a talisman for budding entrepreneurs hoping to make it in the industry. His role in Solo Capital has allowed many a young entrepreneurs to try their luck at running a business and Sanjay Shah has always been a stellar role model.
However, his biggest achievement is “Autism Rocks” which was founded by Shah after Nikhil, his son, was diagnosed with the neuro disorder. Before this initiative, he was working in his company Solo Capital in London where the head office of the brokerage firm is based.

In his interview with EPN, Sanjay Shah says that there are two main things people should know and remember before they start their own business. The first and most important thing is to never underestimate the amount of money it takes to run and kickstart a successful business. The other is micromanaging and its importance – people can’t do everything on their own and budding entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to.

In order to fund research for Autism, Sanjay Shah has combined his twin passions – his family and music. In 2016, Autism Rocks would be funding the Autism Rocks Fest where Tyga, Flo Rida, and several other well known names are going to perform. The show would help brings families together and will also raise some valuable awareness about autism.

Sanjay Shah has previously done some great work with Solo Capital and his brokerage firm has been quite successful because of his leadership skills. He has ensured that the focus is always on customer education and satisfaction, even with his company and that is the reason why Solo Capital has helped to reevaluate benchmarks in the industry.

There is no doubt that he will make Autism Rocks a success in the same way as Solo Capital and will not only help to generate awareness about Autism but will also give a healthy outlet to people and families who are struggling with the disorder.