Marc Sparks Insights On Business

Marc Sparks was born in 1960 and raised in Cleveland. He is the owner founder, and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is also a philanthropist, author, and an entrepreneur who is continually bringing in new ideas into business. In His book, They Can’t Eat You, Sparks creates a path as an entrepreneur to help others achieve. Entrepreneur Marc spark knows a lot concerning quality customer service. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads and Spark Tank

He has run an auto insurance company and a couple of restaurants in his successful career. Marc says that it’s absurd that most companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to acquire a customer. Then the company blows off that customer with a contemptible service after the sale.

He argues that the process of starting up a business begins with constructing a business model and accessing the mostly required resources to ensure success. He explained with the design of Timber Creek Capital that it’s not possible for us to host three different companies within our facility and offer a widespread incubation period. He says that a quality work environment is less than 25% of the overall necessities for success.

Marc Sparks argues that it could be easy for one to thrive when they set up their business where most people can reach and access it. This is because open places attract attention and thus boosts the sales compared to secluded places. It’s evident that Marc Sparks has an eye for detail and his genious strategies serve to enhance the eficiency of the workplace.

Having started most successful companies Marc explains that there exists a vital flow within an office which plays a great role in maximizing collaboration and output. In his book, They can’t eat you; he outlines a few failures and successes, and his journey in unfolding the realities of entrepreneurship.

Experiences gained led Marc Sparks to start Timber Creek Capital, LP, which consists of his 35years of entrepreneurial experience to handle all the stages of starting a sustainable business. He took on a handful of companies and offered mentorship on facilities such as marketing and banking. Marc Sparks’ commitment to entrepreneurial training and mentorship portrays him as a social entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

March Sparks says that he greatly understands the challenges and frustrating moments that are typical experienced when venturing in entrepreneurship.

His passion is to assist entrepreneurs to build their visions and companies to a serious mass by use of his experience. He gives some of the qualities that helped him achieve his entrepreneurial goals; passion, faith, focus, tenacity and the sense of urgency to respond to situations, which he and his team termed as “sparks speed.”

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White Shark Media: An Online Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that was founded in the year 2011. The founder of White Shark Media were three Danish entrepreneurs who sought offline and online marketing solutions. They are well experienced in marketing and are always willing to share their knowledge with their clients. The online marketing solutions offered by White Shark Media are essentially directed to small and medium-sized businesses. It is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America. The agency offers world class customer service and has cost effective search marketing campaigns.

To foster better and more business relationships, White Shark Media has been using an online platform known as Disqus. The success of the company’s efforts can be found through It has managed to get major clients such as iMarine Inc and Platinum Painters Canada. The company always seeks to maintain its clients and it tirelessly works to ensure that they offer the very best at all times through its team of qualified and experienced individuals.

The company has done its best to help businesses to grow through its amazing online marketing tactics and proprietary marketing tools. To ensure that it is accountable to its clients, the company has an internal accountability mechanism. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews | Glassdoor

The mechanism involves the use of keyword level tracking, Google analytics integration, competitive intelligence and proprietary reporting software. More on this internal mechanism can be found on White Shark Media has worked very closely with Google and this has resulted in it being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.

The company is ensures that it handle all customer complaints very professionally. This can be seen through its blog . It ensures that it deals with all complaints so as to build up on its relationship with its clients. This is further made possible by customers having access to White Shark Medias’ SEM strategist who are well equipped in monitoring and reviewing performance.

Currently according to White Shark Media client retention rate stands at 8-10%. This is quite commendable bearing in mind that the digital marketing world is growing pretty fast and becoming competitive.

This link offers a reader a couple of reviews and comments from White Shark Media clients (Read more: White Shark Media Review – YouTube). The clients continually praise White Shark Media for offering the best Ad campaigns and managing them quite effectively. Through recommendations and the positive publicity that it receives it has managed to attract more clients since its inception.

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Sanjay Shah Takes Autism Rocks Further Towards It Goal

Speaking to EPN about his noble initiative “Autism Rocks”, Sanjay Shah reveals some amazing information about his philanthropic project and also, the success he has enjoyed as an entrepreneur.

Sanjay Shah has done many a great things when it comes to Solo Capital and his professional career can serve as a talisman for budding entrepreneurs hoping to make it in the industry. His role in Solo Capital has allowed many a young entrepreneurs to try their luck at running a business and Sanjay Shah has always been a stellar role model.
However, his biggest achievement is “Autism Rocks” which was founded by Shah after Nikhil, his son, was diagnosed with the neuro disorder. Before this initiative, he was working in his company Solo Capital in London where the head office of the brokerage firm is based.

In his interview with EPN, Sanjay Shah says that there are two main things people should know and remember before they start their own business. The first and most important thing is to never underestimate the amount of money it takes to run and kickstart a successful business. The other is micromanaging and its importance – people can’t do everything on their own and budding entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to.

In order to fund research for Autism, Sanjay Shah has combined his twin passions – his family and music. In 2016, Autism Rocks would be funding the Autism Rocks Fest where Tyga, Flo Rida, and several other well known names are going to perform. The show would help brings families together and will also raise some valuable awareness about autism.

Sanjay Shah has previously done some great work with Solo Capital and his brokerage firm has been quite successful because of his leadership skills. He has ensured that the focus is always on customer education and satisfaction, even with his company and that is the reason why Solo Capital has helped to reevaluate benchmarks in the industry.

There is no doubt that he will make Autism Rocks a success in the same way as Solo Capital and will not only help to generate awareness about Autism but will also give a healthy outlet to people and families who are struggling with the disorder.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

It has been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If this is so, then the new offer from Internet marketing specialists Talk Fusion is going to have people speaking volumes. As the name suggests, this company takes conversation and fuses it with the power of digital imagery. They’ve established themselves as one of the web’s most effective marketing agencies, and now they’re offering a 30 day free trial to new customers. Unlike other free trial offers this promotion doesn’t require new subscribers to submit their credit card info. This is exciting news for anyone who’s trying t grow an online company because Talk Fusion offers a litany of impressive services.

What is Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an innovative video marketing services that combines well-written scripts with eye-catching video presentations. The videos are usually animated, and they help to make points that can’t be expressed solely by words. CEO Bob Reina was blatantly honest when he talked about the value that his company can add. Bob says no other company can compare to what Talk Fusion offers. In a recent interview with Forbes, David Kale (CEO of Kale Designs) wet in-depth about his fondness for Talk Fusion. It seems as though Bob Reina wasn’t over exaggerating when he praised his company. Talk Fusion has been in business for nearly a decade, and they offer video messaging, video email, signup forms and everything else that a business needs to succeed. All one has to do is take a close look at Talk Fusion’s success to see how much Bob knows about growing a company.


Shaygan Kheradpir takes over Coriant as their new CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir, the new CEO as well as board member, sees a bright future for his company: Coriant. This move happens after his predecessor Pat DiPietro becomes the new company’s chairman. However, this is not a bad move for the company, because Kheradpir has time and time again shown that he knows what he is doing.

Likewise, Coriant is preparing to a similar rollout with from the 4g networks to the 5g networks that they are preparing to launch. All this is possible because of Coriant and Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO. With Kheradpir as the new company CEO, other investors have noticed them and they see a bright future for this company. This is no small task and it takes a lot of people at work and a smart leader to get a company like Coriant working.

His experience in this field, 28 years of experience and switching 4g to 5g are just the tip. There are plenty of projects for him to take. Kheradpir has proven himself repeatedly that he can provide solutions for over 100 companies in 9 of the 10 regional markets. He has proven his worth as a Tier 1 Communication Service Provider.

Kheradpir has an impressive 28 year experience in the field. He is also a key figure. He has been there since the beginnings of optical technology. For example, during his time working at Verizon, he assisted on the roll out of Verion’s FiOS optic network. As his new role as CEO is to continue making impressive deals, in layman terms and providing the same service his company has always been known for.

After a small time working for Barclay’s, he took charge of Juniper Networks in 2014, after a review of his performance. This was the previous position he had before working Coriant. In short, there is all that money of ours floating, gets turned into 1’s and 0’s. His networking and programming companies is responsible for the programming and managing the software. This is how our money turns into 1’s and 0’s and back to money.

With a new CEO at the lead, it is no doubt that how he will pull the company in the right direction.

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Doe Deere: Making Strides In The Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere is one of the most exciting businesswomen in the cosmetics industry today. She is responsible for the Lime Crime makeup line, which started as an online fashion company on Ebay in 2004. Since then, Deere has made a name for herself in the makeup world with bright, vivid cosmetic colors.

Doe Deere often uses herself as a model for her products. She is also one of the first makeup company owners to experience significant success selling lipsticks online. Instead of simply offering color swatches of the lipstick, Deere provided pictures of herself and other models actually wearing the lipstick. This deterred many of the naysayers who said that she wouldn’t be able to sell makeup online, since women preferred to go the makeup counter to get their cosmetics.

Deere’s Lime Crime line, which is named for her favorite color (lime green), has shocking hues of eye shadow and lipsticks that are meant to assist women in showing off their fun, playful sides. Doe has stated that the philosophy behind her company is also part of what helps her make sound business decisions. She says that paying attention to your intuition is the best way to make great choices when it comes to running your company. Sometimes, all the knowledge that you gather about your company and business practices is not a substitute for following your “gut,” and Deere knows this all too well. Deere also shares that being patient and waiting for inspiration is imperative when it comes to success. It’s important not to get frustrated when good ideas are not always flooding in. The right ideas will come at the right time.

In addition to being a successful businesswoman, Deere, who is a native of Russia, is a painter and singer. Doe has spent many years in New York, where there are plenty of opportunities to spread her artistic wings. Being a naturally artistic person has helped Doe to create products that make women feel confident and beautiful. She also prides herself in implementing new customer service practices, so that customers feel appreciated and respected during the purchasing process.

Shaygan Kheradpir is Highly Recognized in the IT Industry

Coriant was founded in 2013 after it became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant is headquarted in Munich, Germany, it operates worldwide in more than 48 countries. Coriant, a global supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end transport networking solutions, offers a complete range of solutions in the area of multi-layer metro-to-core transport systems. Coriant holds more than 1,800 patents and has more than 35 years of experience delivering tier 1 networking products and services.

In September 2015 Coriant named Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO and Board Chairman of the Board. Shaygan’s main strength is his ability to help network operators build resilient, flexible and scalable transport networks. He feels his team at Coriant has the expertise to change the nature of mobile video and cloud-based services.

In the year 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic merged and formed a new organization called Verizon Communications. Shaygan Kheradpir served as the president of e-business division at Verizon before progressing to become the organization’s first CTO/CIO.

Prior to his role as COO and CTO at Barclays, Shaygan played an important role in the development of customer products, and introduced the mobile money system, Pingit, which enables mobile phone users to make free payments to other UK mobile users directly.

Shaygan Kheradpir holds many patents and currently has a seat on Cornell’s Innovative Council. Kheradpir says he is ready for the challenge and opportunity to lead Coriant into the 21st century. Shaygan’s strategic analysis and his ability to execute ideas will drive Coriant’s growth to the next level.

2016 Nashville To See New Industrial Park

In the next few years the Nashville area can look forward to a new warehouse park that is being built to be called Skyline Distribution Park. It will have great direct Interstate access to Nashville as well as visibility from the busy highways 24, 40 and 65 using Briley Parkway. Panattoni Development Company whom purchased the land feels that completion should be around the fall of 2016.

The needed industrial park which is to be built along Brick Church Pike and Southerland Drive will provide 600,000 square feet of free space within three separate buildings. In recent years the amount of available industry space in the downtown Nashville area had been declining since about 2007, primarily due to construction unable to meet the demands. Since this area of Nashville has fortunately witnessed quite a bit of redevelopment recently, this will fill a need of commercial and business work space in this busy downtown location.

One individual who is quite familiar with handling various building and real estate development deals in the Nashville area is Scott Lumley. As part of the successful Resolve Financial, responsible for construction, developments and leases, Scott also knows what goes into handling new developments, such as seeking out available space for various tenants. Educated at the University of Tennessee, Scott knows the wonderful potential existing for older commercial style buildings. He has had years of experience in purchasing and remodeling commercial buildings in various conditions. Considering the function and purpose for a building, he gives them a new, simple and contemporary look.

With a business belief that customer satisfaction is a priority, Scott Lumley as you can see has quite an innovative resume. He has had success as an e-commerce and retail businessman and he is one of the biggest sellers of electronic wholesale products on eBay, with yearly sales of more than $1 million. Customers who have dealt with him on eBay have provided him with superior ratings that are above and beyond.

Scott also has created various websites such as which was designed to be an auction website, selling various types of merchandise. Another business of Scott’s is e-depotonline which offers outstanding deals on desired electronics. Items range from hot game systems, televisions, cameras and more. A few years back, he was the President of business Nashville Broncs Inc.

Veteran Official Shaygan Kheradpir Brings Profound Industry Experience and Mastery as Organization Positions for Future Development

Shaygan is a demonstrated pioneer with broad industry, operational and business experience. As reported by fiercetelecom, his expertise and leadership will play the primary duty for the organization as interest for information concentrated end-client applications drives extended business sector opportunities. These include 100G to multi-terabit cognizant metro and whole deal transport arrangements, hyper-scale information center & cloud base form outs, and portable backhaul overhauls underlying the development to 4G and 5G.

Coriant, a demonstrated supplier of imaginative systems administration solutions for driving system administrators in more than 100 nations, today declared Shaygan Kheradpir to have been named CEO and Board Chairman. Shaygan joins Coriant subsequent to having worked intimately with the senior administration group following the beginning of this year at Marlin Equity Partners (Marlin) as operating partner.

Utilizing his dynamic inclusion in the organization’s key operations and strategic planning, Shaygan took the new responsibility to lead Coriant’s development strategy and to reinforce on resolutions that matter most to its clients in todays exceptionally dynamic and focused end-client markets. He succeeds President and Chief Executive Officer Pat DiPietro, who will move to the position of Coriant’s Vice Chairman, and also come back to his part as Operating Partner at Marlin after effectively managing the organization through reconciliation and portfolio improvement activities.

Shaygan Kheradpir is known to be a business and innovation official. He is right now the CEO of Coriant. Kheradpir holds 3 degrees of bachelors, master’s and doctorate in electrical designing from Cornell University. Before being named to his present position, he held official positions at GTE, Juniper Networks, Verizon, and Barclays, where he has added to different item improvement and price-reduction practices. Coriant has tapped previous Juniper Chief Executive Officer and Verizon veteran Shaygan Kheradpir being the new CEO and board director, succeeding Pat DiPietro, who will end up being the organization’s executive.

It is in January 2011 that Kheradpir joined Barclays as the CEO of the Global Retail and Business Bank. He added to the improvement of customer products such as the Pingit portable installments software. Within March 2013, Kheradpir was elevated to Chief Operations & Technology Officer, answering to Antony Jenkins and it was the initial time for an innovation official to sit on the official group at Barclays.