Igor Cornelsen’s Advice For Buying Damaged Stocks

Stocks and mutual funds are usually the most popular forms of investments, but there are multiple ways you can buy and use them. Some prefer to become day traders that buy volatile stocks and look for rises and quickly sell them. Others may look to short-sell companies that are projected to downturn, but none of these options are good according to Igor Cornelsen, a former big bank CEO and retired investing consultant. Buying stocks and trying to sell them in the short term for profits is highly risky and is like gambling in a casino according to Cornelsen. He says you should always go for long-term stock investing and look for damaged stocks to start with. Damaged stocks are stocks that may be temporarily troubled, but that will eventually rise to high value. It’s good to know what kind of companies your investing with as far as management stability and profits they’re making. Read more about Igor on About.me

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil in the late 1940s and attended the University of Parana where he got his bachelor’s in engineering first and then completed a second degree in finance and economics. He first joined Multibanco Internacional de Investimentos, a major Brazilian investment bank in the 1970s and started as an accounts manager, but eventually became a high-level board member of the bank. Several years later Cornelsen moved to Unibanco before it was acquired by Banco Itau, and here he also became an executive. He was also an advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Finance department during his banking career.

Cornelsen retired in the late 1990s and has spent some time as an independent consultant, though he usually prefers more leisure time on the golf course. But among the investment advice he does give is his encouragement for investors to diversify their portfolio with Brazilian investments. Investing in Brazil can be tricky because the government has put more barriers up as a result of recent finance reforms, but you can still do well by taking a couple steps. First, Cornelsen says you should get to know locals down there because they have a friendly attitude towards foreigners and can point out good investments. And second, you should get to know which banks offer the most flexibility for your investment goals down there. More info about Igor Cornelsen here:http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1122009


How To Choose A Competent Lawyer for Your Legal Matter

Dealing with a difficult legal matter in Brazil and need a good lawyer? Want to know how to go about finding and selecting the best lawyer to help you? If you want to be assured of good representation, you need to hire a lawyer with a good track record. Although there are many lawyers to choose from, you need to choose carefully. It is crucial to choose a lawyer who has plenty of expertise in the field of law you need help with.

Word-of-mouth is a fabulous way to learn more about a lawyer. You should ask your family and friends, particularly if they practice legislation, if they understand about a specific lawyer. At a minimum, the legal representative ought to be in great standing with the local bar association. Online reviews can also help point you in the right direction.

Other way to find out details on a prospective lawyer is to look up information online. In addition, there could be legal articles that the legal representative had written and details about vital cases or clients represented by the attorney at law online, giving prospective clients a feel for the legal representative’s level of expertise.

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