The Strategy Robert Ivy Is Using To Make To Improve Health In The Hospitals

The architectural world is the way it is because some great minds are behind the transformation is has experienced. You cannot mention several prominent architects without including Robert Ivy.

Robert was born in Mississippi in a city called Columbus. He went for his architecture studies at Sewani University and graduated with a bachelor degree in architecture. This wasn’t the end of his architectural career. He further went to Tulane University and earned a master’s degree in architecture. Washington DC is where he lives today.

Robert is among the few who can take pride in the kind of transformation architecture has achieved today. The American Institute of architects knows the roles Robert has played there to see it the way it is today. At McGraw Hill Construction, Robert has served as a director and also a vice president of McGraw Hill. From 1996 to 2010, he was the editor responsible for the architectural record and his work during this time was excellent. Today, Robert is the CEO and executive vice president of this institute of architects. He rose to this position in 1996 and he has shown exceptional leadership, commitment, and diligence in his work as the top leader.

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Robert is known to have noted that the complex health challenges have their solutions in good designs. He claimed that good designs had a way of eliminating the problems people had experienced in the health sector. He, for instance, noted that occupants who looked forward to staying healthy would better use the stairs and not the elevators. He said that people who move regularly on the stairs stayed healthier than those who often use elevators. For this reason, Robert noted that they were involving many public health officials to see how they could make the buildings and environment around healthier for the people. Robert says that Seattle Children’s Hospital is one of the facilities they intend to work on to ensure it contributes to the health of the children there.

As a man who believes in good health, he is ready to bring all his architectural knowledge in this field to see people live better lives. He is working with other architects and health officials on how they could build staircases in the healthcare buildings. He says that walking in such staircases severally a day reduces diabetes rate, heart problems, and it is also a way of doing away with the substandard buildings. He also mentions that the buildings would have better to fresh air, clean water, and adequate sunlight that the patients need for good health.

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