The Pet Care Industry is experiencing Revolution with Introduction of New pet foods


After adding a pet to your life, you need to know it will depend on you for most of the things ranging from nourishment, medical care, exercise, and protection. The crucial part is the purchase of dog’s food. The ingredient label should be thoroughly checked when you are dealing with a dog that experiences diarrhea, allergies, or severe ear infections. Purchasing dog’s food from a reputable and established pet care company such as Nestle Purina is a wise move.

Maintaining quality of Dog’s Food

During an interview, Richard Thompson, the CEO of gourmet food manufacturer tears down a recipe for Chunky Chicken and Turkey exactly at the manufacture’s line. He proceeds to explain on facebook his obsession with quality of food produced. He confirms that only fresh ingredients are used during the manufacturing process. Additionally, quality preservatives are used and meals removed from the shelf after staying on it for a specific duration.

Innovation of new dog food and storage strategies

Freshpet Inc. is a factory located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The company produces and distributes refrigerated pet food to the market. The company happens to be one of the fastest growing innovators. Thompson notes that the way pet owners are feeding their pets is likely to change due to the increased innovations.

Foods that addresses the unique needs of each dog

Purina has established a brand known as Bright Minds, consisting of triglycerides, which is a fat obtained from coconut oil. Old dogs digest the food quickly. Some products are designed to assist the dog in weight loss program. For more information click on this link;

Brief Information on Beneful

Beneful brand offers wide variety of dog’s food ranging from dry, semi-solid, and wet foods as well as dog treats and delicacies. SWOT analysis named Beneful has Nestle Purina’s most valuable brand in terms of revenue generated. Nestle Purina was founded back in December 2001 after acquiring Ralston Purina for a record of $10.3 billion and merging it with Nestlé’s food business.

Beneful specializes in production and marketing of dog foods that meet the recommended health standards. Back in June 2005, the company launched its first dry food that featured soy in place of meat as the primary source of protein. Beneful comprises of eight distinct flavors. In addition, the company offers excellent after sale services such as packaging and shipping to clients.