Jose Hawilla: Learning From A Reliable Businessman

Are you looking for advice or information on achieving business success? Do you want to find out about Jose Hawilla and why he is considered a top businessman? Jose Hawilla is one of the most reliable entrepreneurs in Brazil.


It is crucial to find out what skills or qualities you need to develop in order to achieve success. You can research successful people to learn what they did and how they started on their businesses.


Jose Hawilla is highly reputable and reliable and is well known in Brazil and around the world. Jose Hawilla has attained tremendous success in his various businesses and ventures and is highly knowledgeable. Many entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals turn to him for guidance and advice on their respective ventures.


Before you start investing, or running your own business, it is always advisable to study others who have attained success in the business area you’re interested in. Many successful entrepreneurs will be glad to provide advice or guidance to beginning entrepreneurs and others who are struggling to get started on their road to success.




Budgeting, research, negotiating, research, budgeting and accurate record-keeping are also essential skills in entrepreneurship. You’ll need to listen to Jose Hawilla and other professionals or entrepreneurs as they talk about the steps they go through when confronted with a business project or related issues. Take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and you can rest assured that you will follow the right steps. Check out to know more.



Jose Hawilla is based in Brazil, and has established many successful enterprises. Jose is a highly respected businessman and many ambitious individuals and professionals turn to him for help.


Jose Hawilla is certainly passionate about building businesses and he takes the time to guide others. You’ll likely spend a lot of time at your chosen business venture.


Therefore, it is extremely important to be passionate about your business pursuit. If you don’t have a passion for what you do, it may begin to feel boring. You will definitely lose interest in your enterprise or project, which makes attaining success much more difficult.



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Malcolm CasSelle: Modernizing Transfers by Introducing Cryptocurrency and Tokenization

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a platform that provides everyone with an opportunity to participate in a tradeoff for virtual game assets. The platform utilizes the power of tokenization which enables the ownership of in-game items. WAX is more accessible than other platforms, and it creates a new economy that has the potential to include physical assets in the future. Worldwide Asset eXchange will come with amazing features that will lead to the reduction of transaction costs in the gaming marketplace. This platform will enable people to transfer game assets, a feature that was not present before.

The governance of the platform is unique, and it allows the token holders to create regulatory oversight. The exchange process is performed by Transfer Agents (users responsible for transferring assets). These agents are overseen by rating systems, supervisory committees usually referred to as Guilds, and a special consensus algorithm.

Poor performance of the agents will affect the financial stake and the reputation of the Guild. Therefore, the Guilds have to deal with disappointing Transfer Agents, list the token holders fail to re-elect them to oversee their operations. It is through this economic feedback loop that the tokens offered by Worldwide Asset eXchange remain connected to their virtual game assets.

Despite the numerous advantages of tokenizing, there is one major challenge. The platform has challenges in determining how to manage the tokens to ensure those on the blockchain stick to their gaming assets.

Fractionizing gaming assets will open great possibilities for collectors as well as gaming fans. The decentralized governance also comes in with its advantages. The Guilds will deal with monitoring asset ownership and authenticating items whereas the Transfer Agents will implement IoT and RFID technologies to get the asset location in real time, to ensure the tokens remain connected to their rightful owners.

The current President of Worldwide Asset eXchange is Malcolm CasSelle. He also serves as the CIO of OPSkins. Before joining WAX, Malcolm worked at New Ventures as the CTO as well as the President. He has also worked at Digital Media of SeaChange International as the General Manager and Senior Vice President.

Malcolm CasSelle attended MIT and Stanford University. In his early years, he led startups in the tech industry. He is an advisor to various tech centers such as VOTOCOST, DirecTech Labs, and Bringhub.
WAX’s innovations will create a marketplace that facilitates the exchange of items that could never be exchanged before. The platform will include both virtual and physical assets.

Sawyer Howitt’s Entrepreneurial Zeal.

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who is the project manager at the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt has a zeal in assisting business and entrepreneurs grow. At his young age, Sawyer possesses the ability to understand the operational and financial needs of business industry. He has involved himself in several activities such philanthropic courses, championing for the mentoring of youths as well as fighting for the rights of women. Due to his zeal for is career Sawyer is prepared to join the University of California, Berkeley. From his career experience, Sawyer Howitt knows the importance of excellent customer service and that customers love to with their best brands in meaningful ways.

Due to his zeal to ensure that businesses and entrepreneurs grow, Sawyer Howitt has written several articles. In one of them, he explains why many entrepreneurs don’t succeed in business. Sawyer says that many entrepreneurs believe in negative myths that prevent them trying an idea that would ultimately be successful. He also explained some myths that are wrongly believed by entrepreneurs.

Firstly, he said that entrepreneurs usually are obsessed with money. He says that when a product or a service seems to fetch substantial profit per sale, the product may not be profitable on the long-term basis while a product that fetches a fair profit per purchase will meet high demand. He corrects that myth by saying that the main thing that should drive an entrepreneur is by providing products and services that will solve problems. He insists that when you are developing an idea, you should make sure that the plan will solve a problem.

Secondly, he corrected the myth that entrepreneurs depend majorly on luck to succeed. He said to be a successful entrepreneur you must learn to listen, watch and think properly. He said that to achieve that is a robust process but one should have the necessary perseverance until he succeeds. Paying attention to small details and common complaints should not be neglected.

Though some entrepreneurs who may not have any experience succeed by consulting the experts, he said that some of the best ideas get developed from the pains of the non-experts. He also corrected the myth that most entrepreneurs do not have full responsibilities and that they have absolute freedom compared to employees. Some of the examples he gave to prove that is that they don’t get paid time off, don’t get employer-sponsored health insurance and sick time benefits among others. Visit:

How Vijay Eswaran Gradually Became Successful

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of a multimillion-dollar e-commerce enterprise, QI Group. He is viewed as a successful and visionary entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in his career journey. He was born in Penang, Malaysia but studied in the UK. He was able to graduate from the London School of Economics with a degree in Socio-economics. He later received his Chartered Institute of Management Accountants certificate while still in the UK. He knew very well that he needed a strong educational background to enable him to become successful. These certificates were not enough, and this is why he joined Southern Illinois University in America where he received his MBA. While he was still studying, he decided to work and this when he was introduced to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).He later returned to his home country, Malaysia and he got the opportunity of expounding COSWAY’s which was an MLM firm.

He knew very well the importance of having working experience as it would play a large part if he decided to open a company or if he held a leadership position. With this in mind, he worked in various high-profile jobs gaining the required experience and learning new things. In 1998, Vijay felt it was time to start his own business, and he partnered with Joseph Bismark to start QI Group. It was difficult for him to launch the enterprise as he had limited connections & capital and at that time there Asia was experiencing major economic crises but still pushed on. The business was mostly diversified into telecommunications, travel and leisure, training and education, technology, retail and corporate investments.

Gradually, the business was able to launch regional offices in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Later, the business expounded in more than thirty countries with the help of its affiliate companies. The firm succeeded to the point of making nearly seven hundred million dollars annual revenues. What has helped the company achieve this much is the fact that Mr. Eswaran has not been selfish when it comes to sharing what he learned from his vast experience with others. Through this, Vijay and the QI team they have worked together to bring about the success of the company.