Incredible Incredibites from Beneful

When it comes to picking out food for your dog many factors are taken into consideration. Ingredients, age at of your dog, and size are all common concerns when it comes to picking out the right food for your pet. Thankfully, Beneful has made the process much easier with its wide variety of food.

BenefulIncredibites are designed for adult small breed dogs, ages one to seven. It is designed to help your small dogs higher metabolism, includes calcium for healthy teeth, helps maintain strong muscles, and contains small pieces for his mouth and teeth. The ingredients in BenefulIncredibites are beef, as the main ingredient and Whole Grain Corn, Barley, dried carrots, and peas as supporting players. Having beef as the main ingredient means your dog will enjoy their food even more.

Incredibites come in 3.5-pound bags for around $5.50-6.00 or a 15.5-pound bag for $14-17 dollars depending on where it’s bought. Currently, has a coupon for $2.00 off one bag of Incredibites dog food. Checking the store you plan to buy from or the Beneful website might also be beneficial to your coupon search.The beef flavor seems to be the most popular and has a calorie count of 366 calories per cup.


Beneful, Full of Goodness

What is thought of when the word Beneful is heard? Probably, dogfood, gourmet meals for pets, or heartwarming commercials that fill the soul with a longing to have a furry companion. According to the company that created the product, the name means full of goodness. Beneful takes the idea of commercially prepared food for dogs and packages it in such a way that the consumer can be assured that they will be providing their pet with the best quality ingredients possible. This means that dogs will be given the nutrients they need to be energized and ready for whatever the day has to offer. The name itself shows that it is full of benefits that will keep dogs happy and healthy.

Beneful is a compilation of high-quality ingredients in the form of dry, wet, and canned dog food, as well as in a treat form that contains the same quality ingredients. Beneful offers an array of dishes which includes roasted chicken with pasta and carrots, beef stew, and blended meals with a variety of meat medleys. Beneful also offers a premium option which includes soy as the main protein source. Lastly, Beneful provides meals for every stage of the growing process. From the growing years of puppydom, throughout adulthood, and into the senior years. That means that the nutrition requirements for a dog at every stage of their life will be carefully taken into consideration and accounted for.

Beneful has changed its products and it meanings throughout the years, but it will always have the same underlying meaning and principles, to provide a product that is full of goodness.