Thor Halvorssen’s Opinion on Bernie Sanders

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. During his time with the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has been able to see many different political and governmental opinions that affect individual’s lives all over the world. Recently, Halvorssen has been looking at the rise of socialism in American politics. This rise is mainly linked to presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen, a documentary film producer, states that when political candidates use socialism as a mask this can be a very dangerous thing. Once they get into power, they can use this socialism to loot the country.

Halvorssen also states that there is a big difference between having socialist policies and a socialist government. You can live in a democratic country where there are socialist policies in place, yet you do not have to live in a socialist country. In some extreme academic communities, there are those that see socialism, communism, and marxism as the same things. Halvorssen states the problem with socialism in places like Venezuela is a massive shortage of goods due to the price fixing that socialist policies levy into place. This can create a humanitarian crisis.

While Halvorssen is not a huge fan of Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies, he has made the largest contribution possible to his campaign due to his great disliking of Hilary Clinton. He says that her social ties to dictatorship countries is a travesty. He is willing to support Sanders in the democratic party if that means Clinton will have a lesser chance of being elected in the primaries.