Love Meter Impulse Vending Machine

In today’s hectic society many people were looking for ways to earn more income without having to do a whole lot of extra work. A good way of doing this is getting into the vending machine business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an already established business owner getting into the vending machine business can be a profitable way to earn extra income without having to work a second job. There are many different types of vending machines out there in the most common ones are Coke vending machines, candy vending machines, and toy vending machines. There are also novelty vending machines that don’t necessarily require product to sell in the vending machine.

The love meter impulse vending machine is a wonderful way to earn money without having to sell product in your vending unit. This particular vending machine measures how good of a lover are you. This vending machine is for amusement purposes only and does not actually give you real results of how good of a lover you really are. It however is a good way to have a laugh and spend a quarter. In today’s society most people spend three dollars on a cup of coffee so it is easy to have an impulse sell on this silly product that is only $.25 to use.

This particular model is built with an all steel construction, which is scratch resistant, and resistance against breaking in falls. It comes with a computerized operating circuit board control system. It is also equipped with LED lighting display to help your consumer more easily see the display on the vending machine. This is an electrical using unit and does require a 110 V outlet. Even though this does not have the cost of other vending units that require product it does require energy use.

This particular unit can hold up to $200 in quarters it is a great profit maker for any retail location. It also has a secure location to hold the quarters are designed to help prevent vending machine hacking and loss of money. This particular model of vending machine normally only comes in the color gray. However there are online vending machines companies that do customize vending units and you can choose other colors that way.

It is important to note that most other vending machines come in the color red. This is due to the fact that the color red grabs the attention of the consumer more than any other color out there. There have been plenty of scientific studies to support this conclusion. A good example of this is the study with a determined that people who drove red cars received more speeding tickets and were pulled over more often then people who drove cars of any other color. This is because the color red grabs the attention of the officers more and caused the people driving the red cars to get more attention from the officers.

When purchasing a vending machine online or off-line is important to note that used vending machines often have far more issues than purchasing new. A lot of times if you purchase a new vending machine you will be able to have a one-year warranty associated with that unit. If you purchase a vending machine you such as on craigslist more often than not the will be no warranties or guarantees that you’re not getting a lemon of a vending machine.

A wonderful tip when getting into the vending machine business is to split test your vending units. This means setting up different units at different locations in finding out what particular units do the best where. This is a simple and overlooked approach in the vending machine business that seems to have really good results. Overall getting into the vending machine business is a good way of not only getting an additional income without having to hire extra workers or working a second job (to read more about this visit or follow VendingWorld on Facebook).

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