Three Methods of the Most Successful Organo Sales Reps

Distributors who want to make explosive progress in building their downline of Organo gold reps know that using social media and other Internet tools is the fastest way to make progress. A review of some of the most successful Organo Gold entrepreneurs show that they all have three things — or methods — in common.

The first is that they work consistently to create a positive self brand. Your brand is yourself. That means presenting yourself on Facebook, Twitter and other sites in a unwavering positive light. Delete your rants, your negative photos/images and controversial posts. Stay away from politics. You want to brand yourself as a positive, successful person without a particular axe to grind. Present the image of a person always pleasant, happy, helpful and inspirational.

The second method is to employ something called attraction marketing. In short, attraction marketing involves attracting those prospects who already have a demonstrated interest in what you are selling, in this case, organo Gold coffee. Attraction marketing is a highly developed methodology. The most successful money makers with Organo Gold educated themselves in this marketing strategy. It’s not difficult, but you must learn all about it.

The third factor for successful Organo Gold sellers is maintaining an unvarying positive attitude. That includes thinking positively about the people you seek to recruit as a rep working under you. Go in with the attitude that you are offering a sincere way to improve their lives — not just trying to get something for yourself.

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