Article About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Corneslen grew up from a humble beginning in Brazil. He attended university to study engineering but later on majored in economics. The sole reason for this was because engineering was too much for him and time consuming. Cornelsen has managed to build a great reputation when it comes to investment. Igor Cornelsen career kicked off as soon as he graduated from Federal University. Cornelsen got employed by Multibanco which was an investment firm at the time. It was normal for banks to hire engineers because they did not have the tools and skills to execute the computing tasks.

On the other hand engineering, students had these skills. Due to his knowledge and expertise, Cornelsen was easily recognized at Multibanco, and a few years later he got appointed to the board of directors. His work at Multibanco was exemplary that in 1976 they appointed Corenlsen to be their CEO. Despite making major accomplishments at Multibanco, Igor Cornelsen left when the bank was acquired by another firm.

Igor went on directly to Unibanco which was also a big investment company. Igor Cornelsen did not last at Unibanco because the firm faced high inflation rates. Igor Cornelsen at this point decided to look for a rare opportunity. He landed a job at Libra Bank PLC which paid its workers in dollars. This was the first time that Cornelsen was being paid in dollars. He worked at the bank for quite some time and over the years became accomplished. When he finally left Libra Bank PLC, he left with some associates that he had known to join another bank. Igor Cornelsen, however, decided to leave employment entirely and begin a firm of his own. This firm was to help people with good investment ideas. Igor Cornelsen is known globally for helping people when it comes to business.

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