Herbalife Nutrition Encourages Blood Donations to Save Lives

Herbalife Nutrition just made another very generous donation of Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars to 120 American Red Cross donation centers. Over 280,000 of these nutritious bars will be donated nationwide and the estimated value of this donation is about half a million dollars. Herbalife Nutrition has made this generous donated four years in a row and continues to be a huge supporter of the American Red Cross and their efforts.

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars are packed full of nutritious ingredients such as protein and carbohydrates so it’s an ideal snack for those who have donated blood. They’re also high in riboflavin and vitamin B6 which helps to boost the red blood cell count. These bars are much more than a nutritious snack but they’re a thank you to all those who have taken time out of their day to make a blood donation.

Herbalife has hosted over 50 blood drives at their own offices as well as its corporate offices in Los Angeles and at its distribution center in Carson Carolina. They also have a blood mobile that they take out to collect blood for donors. All of these efforts combined make it possible to save 25,000 each year.

Herbalife is encouraging to all its employees, customers, and Independent Distributers to donate blood whenever they can either at one of the company’s donation centers or at an American Red Cross blood drive. Herbalife Nutrition has over 8,000 employees and over three million Independent Distributers and millions of loyal customers. In 2015 alone, they have recruited 25,000 blood donors at their location in St. Louis, Missouri.

Their employees try to donate blood as often as they can. George Reveles, Facilities Coordinator for the company, realizes that it is important to donate blood and has needed blood for one of his own family members.

Dr. Dana Ryan, Director of Sport Performance and Education at Herbalife, feels that donating blood is essential and she needed blood transfusion herself. Another employee of the company and blogger said that giving blood is giving life.

There’s been a decline of blood donations over the past years but the need for blood hasn’t decreased. About 43,200 people need blood every single day. Herbalife Nutrition’s also a part of the Missing Types Campaign put on by the American Red Cross. This program is helping to educate teh public on the different types of blood.



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