Nitin Khanna Sees A Future In Marijuana

The world of tech investing has seen some big transactions lately and Nitin Khanna has been an important part in several of them on a personal level and as the founder and chairman of MergerTech. The boutique technology bank was founded by Nitin Khanna around 10 years ago in 2009 and has shown a record for making successful deals that many people would have never expected. He is well known throughout the Portland area for not only his activities as an entrepreneur and in business, but also for the activism that he takes a part in.

One of the most well-known businesses was the company Saber that he co-founded in 1998 that eventually grew to have 1,200 members of their staff. The Standalone provider of solutions for the government was eventually sold for an impressive $460MM to EDS. He left the company after a year of handling their government business operations after it was sold. The company’s revenue had grown even more at that point and their employee count had reached 1,500.

While Nitin Khanna was with Saber, he had led 8 important transactions for the company. This along with his other experience in business led him to be able to lead MergerTech with impressive results. One of the tech areas that Nitin Khanna has been showing a large amount of interest in marijuana, both on a recreational and medicinal level. There is a lot of potentials that Nitin Khanna sees in the industry that can potentially bring a lot of people a lot of money if done correctly and at the right time. Many suggest that the right time is now.

The industry surrounding marijuana is worth an estimated $100 billion and at this point, everything is moving from the black market into legal revenues that can be taxed and regulated. in 2015, Cure Cannabis Solutions was founded by Nitin Khanna and it has grown to be the largest provider in Oregon of cannabis oil. This includes both individual consumers as well as companies that manufacture edible marijuana products. The businessman predicts that this company will continue to expand within the next year until they have a presence in Canada and California.

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