Gareth Henry Provides Bursary Fund for Former University

Gareth Henry has achieved success in the finance sector. He has worked in the as senior investment positions in the United Kingdom. The Heriot-Watt alumnus had a first class degree in actuarial maths. Gareth knows the importance of taking one’s education seriously. He believes that going to a good university plays a vital role in one’s success. The course is offered by the university played a critical role in his victory. Through the institution, he got a clear understanding of how investments work. He praises the teaching standards and sound advice that he got from the university. The tutors played a vital role in helping the students know about the careers that suit them. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

Gareth Henry Bursary fund

There is no doubt that these are some of the reasons that made him decide to give back to his former university. He established a Gareth henry bursary to assist current students with the experience he got while at the university. He not only offers financial support but mentoring for selected students. It is evident that being mentored by Gareth will come in handy for the selected students; it will be excellent career guidance for the students. The university is renowned for providing employable graduates. Most of the graduates are specialist in business, science and engineering courses.

Gareth’s Advice for students

Gareth Henry also believes that students who wish to work in the finance industry will benefit a lot from the actuarial maths course being offers at the university. The course teaches on quantitative modeling. Given that Gareth took the actuarial course and had become successful, it is no doubt that most students have decided to take their course with the seriousness it deserves. Gareth advises that students should not only focus on studies alone. It was essential to have a balance and people should mix a bit of fun. He also encourages students to enjoy the festivals and do the internships over summer.

Gareth’s generosity will go a long way to see the university students become successful after completing their course. Other graduates may also follow in his footsteps and make it big in the finance industry.

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