Shervin Pishevar Says Giant American Tech Companies Too Big, Powerful

At age 23 Shervin Pishevar created the groundbreaking WebOS, the first-ever company to produce cross browser Windows-like platforms for use on the Internet. This produced nothing less than the advent of cloud computing. It was a remarkable achievement and breakthrough for the young, Iranian-born American entrepreneur.

Just a few years earlier the brilliant young Shervin Pishevar was expected to enter the field of biomedical research, a field in which he had already made important contributions while still a student.

In the years that followed, Shervin Pishevar went on to become one of America’s most significant and accomplished super angel investors in the high-tech sector. He backed some of the biggest success stories, entities like Uber, Airbnb, Tumblr and Machine Zone. He was also co-founder of Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital. That’s to name just a few.

So when Shervin Pishevar recently launched into an epic Tweetstorms that went on for hours and churned out dozens of Tweets, it created something of a media sensation. Mr. Pishevar offered a wide range of opinion on everything from the stock market to the potential fate of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. He also talked about Silicon Valley, the inflation rate in the U.S. economy and the role of such giant companies as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook.

As for these high-tech American behemoths, Shervin Pishevar said they have become too large, to rich, too powerful — and they are using their enormous influence to crush the hopes and dreams of small, innovative entrepreneurs. The remedy, he suggested in a Tweet, is to maybe break them up, just as AT&T was broken up by government regulators in years past.

As for Bitcoin, it may also be wildly overvalued, Pishevar Tweeted. He predicted a significant downward in correction for this “stateless” cryptocurrency. He also predicted Bitcoin will stabilize at a lower value.

Sunday Riley Opens Up on Good Genes and More

Sunday Riley recently shared her thoughts on her hugely popular skincare brand, also called Sunday Riley.

The Sunday Riley brand, Riley explained, was launched to fill a gap in the market. Riley mixed science based ingredients and botanicals to create what she describes as “green technology“. In 2009, when Sunday Riley was launched, this mixture of natural and chemical ingredients was an innovation.

Riley learned about cosmetic chemistry in a hands-on manner through developing her products. Although Riley strongly believes in scientifically based active ingredients,she views product development as more of an art than a science. Riley loves to experiment through trial and error.

Riley says she’s proud of her entire line of products equally, even if some sell better than others. The product Good Genes, for one, is tremendously popular and is a best seller. Other top selling products include Power Couple, C.E.O., Luna, and Tidal.

Good Genes in particular has a major cult following. Riley attributes the popularity of Good Genes to finding a niche in the market. She explained that not many skincare products containing acids existed in the US market at the time of the product launch. Beauty junkies did use acids, but Good Genes attracted a following among more average consumers. The non-irritating formula was also a major factor in the success of Good Genes.

Riley does not let fame go to her head. Although she does go on Reddit where her fans congregate, she generally avoids reading her own press and even looking at her own photos. Riley emphasized that although the brand is named after her, the similarities end there. She doesn’t define herself by her brand.

As part of her personal skincare regimen, Sunday Riley uses Good Genes three times a week. As part of her daily morning ritual, she uses C.E.O. vitamin C serum followed by Tidal. She uses C.E.O. serum and Luna nightly. Riley’s pro-tip for great skin is twice a day face-washing and exfoliation.

Riley has recently developed a new foundation. A minimum of 20 shades will be available so everyone can find a match for their skin.

Jeunesse Global Seeks To Enhance Youthfulness

Jeunesse Global is a multi-level marketing company that was founded in 2009. This company offers a wide range of products that are designed to enhance a youthful appearance to the skin and provide a youthful feeling to those who use the company’s products. Since its founding in 2009, Jeunesse Global has experienced phenomenal growth, and its products are now available in multiple countries around the world.

Instantly Ageless is one of the products offered by Jeunesse Global. This product is useful in diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the skin. The product may be applied to the forehead, cheeks, chin and under the eyes to reduce the appearance of under the eye bagginess.

Finiti is a supplement designed by Jeunesse Global to help those who use the product feel younger. These supplements contain vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Finiti also includes the key ingredients of purslane extract, palm fruit and fucoidan. Those wishing to use this product should take two capsules twice daily for the maximum benefit.

RevitaBLU is a drink mix that contains key ingredients that are specially designed to hydrate and provide strength for the body. RevitaBLU is part of Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System. RevitaBLU contains blue-green algae which is rich in nutrients. The product also contains sea buckthorn berry. Aloe vera is found in RevitaBLU, and it has been used for thousands of years to enhance overall health.

Monavie is a drink that contains 19 different fruits in a blend with naturally occurring glucosamine. Acai berry juice is the key ingredient in Monavie. These berries produce an antioxidant effect within the body. In addition to Acai juice, Monavie contains apple, cranberry and cherry juice in a delicious blend. The glucosamine contained in Monavie helps keeps the joints lubricated and functioning at a high level.

These products are just a few of the products offered by Jeunesse Global. Each product from Jeunesse Global is designed to naturally enhance the user’s appearance and overall feeling of youthfulness.

Who is Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the CEO and the man who founded Burch Creative Capital which is a private investment company. This company is expanding with a variety of products such as lifestyle, consumer also from retail to apparel and home furnishings.


Burch’s Lifestyle

Christopher Burch investment includes domestic and international real estate places that are partnered with the architect Philippe Stark and also the hotelier Alan Faena located in Argentina, to reintroduce a new development of the land, hotel and universe.

In 2012 Burch also became the owner of Nihi Sumba Island and it’s hotels which both he partnered with James McBride, find out info on ( Nihi is the world’s best resort with an outstanding and unique investment which led to its success while remaining in standing grounds with the environment of the community.


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Hanging at The Canton Fair. This seems to be one of my favorite products we saw.

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Nihi Sumba Island is placed with an interesting background. Decades ago, it’s ancestors arrived on the beach. It was placed with a spiritual force that remained on the island,providing protection of those who honored their wealthy heritage and were amazed of the past stories of the Sumbanese people, get more details on

The name of the beach which is Nihiwatu, comes from the early settlers who formed rocks along the tide because it was so isolated, visit

Doe Deere: The Real Life Xenia, Warrior Princess

Not all Americans are born in America and this is true for Doe Deere. She was born Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk Russia and moved to America with her mother and sister for a better life. She moved to New York when she was just 17 and struggled to make it with her family. Her family was homeless and fell on hard times, but through the help of a social worker who came across their situation, they were able to turn their lives around. Though times were difficult for them, Doe was able to use her struggles as gains.

With the help of the social worker, Doe and her family were getting back on their feet. She moved from the homeless shelter where they had lived for six months, to an apartment in the projects. The area was not the safest but it was more than what her family had and they were thankful for it. Her mother was able to obtain a job, her sister went to college, and she was able to go to The Fashion Institute of Technology. While she went through the difficult time of living at a homeless shelter she still kept dreaming about her potential. Doe completed sketches of fashion designs which is what helped her get into The Fashion Institute Of Technology.

In the year 2008, Doe was able to create her company Lime Crime which is a cruelty free and vegan cosmetic brand. She went from the projects to the CEO of her own company which employs 35 people. Her mission is to inspire other women to power through the difficult times and to follow their dreams. Doe Deere is the perfect example of what to do when you are experiencing difficult times. Her story should teach us that when all the odds are stacked against you, keep moving forward.

Jason Hope – Thoughts On Anti-Aging And The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope believes in technology and how its advance will affect the world. He places a great deal of focus on the Internet of Things. He believes there will be both benefits and risks. One of the biggest challenges will be for coders to ensure the Internet of Things is safe from hacking. In short, the Internet of Things consists of the complete network of devices that contain software and electronics that connect, interact, and exchange data.

The medical industry will benefit tremendously. Anti-aging research is also on Jason Hope’s radar. He is a highly successful entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist. He has an academic education that complements his achievements. He attended Arizona State University and studied finance. From there, he went on to earn his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. His business success has allowed him to achieve high recognition as someone the business community looks to for advice. His love for innovative technologies inspires him to constantly challenge the status quo.

Rejuvenation biotechnologies are promising and give hope to extending life. The SENS Foundation, an affiliation that works with Jason Hope, has focused in this area for the past several years. Researches for this group feel confident they are close to finding a solution to aging. The goal of this research is not just to enable people to live longer, but to experience a higher quality of life.

Research for anti-aging centers on the study of negligible senescence. This occurs in organisms that have long life spans like the tortoise. It is a trait that prevents aging. Humans do not possess this trait. As humans age, the body breaks down. The aging process is what makes people more susceptible to diseases that are age-related.

Diseases such as Parkinson’s, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s are all related to age. Jason Hope has donated to the SENS Foundation to aid their anti- aging research. The Foundation is currently conducting research that will enable a solution to stop the protein cells of arteries from hardening. This would stop the triggering of high blood pressure and help prevent strokes and heart attacks.

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Alex Pall Works Hard for The Chainsmokers

As a member of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall knows the importance of making sure his band gets the recognition they need. He knows a lot about working in a band and knows that being a DJ is an important part of his band. He started out his career as a DJ and continues using that to help make his career in a band even better. Doing this gives him a chance to showcase his skills while giving fans a great experience. The Chainsmokers always put a show on when they’re on stage and that’s something that makes it easy for them to keep making music. It’s important to Alex Pall to show people he knows what he’s doing with the band and he can make the most out of all the options the band has.

For years, Alex Pall worked on trying things different with the people he played music with. For Alex Pall, this was an important part of the performance. It was also something that made it easier for him to show people what he wanted to do with his music. As long as he could keep helping people and showing them the positive experiences they needed to get from his show, he’d have a chance to make his music the best it could be.

As The Chainsmokers continue growing and reaching new audiences, Alex Pall knows what he’s doing the right way. He has a lot of experience with DJing and trying to help people understand the DJ process. For Alex Pall, this means he has to try things that could help him and try to make the best out of the different situations. As long as there are things that might make the band better, Alex Pall feels he can do it all the right way.

Now that The Chainsmokers are going on tour again, Alex Pall knows what he can do and how he can make more out of the industry options he has. He wants The Chainsmokers to keep getting better and keep making more out of all the dates they have set up for the tour!

Unique Supplements from Jeunesse Global Provides 24 Hour Nutrition

There are a number of daily supplements that claim to provide the body with protective nutrition and micronutrients. However, many of these once a day supplements do not provide round-the-clock absorption. Now, one health and wellness company is innovating the supplement industry with a morning and evening supplement solution. That company, Jeunesse Global, is helping their customers stay fit with their line of AM/PM Essentials line of supplements.

AM Essentials

Many people have a hard time getting themselves up in the morning. This is because many people do not get enough sleep and then try to “wake themselves up” with unhealthy sugar packed foods or coffee packed with sweeteners. To help get the body properly nourished and energized for the morning, AM Essentials provides 70 essential vitamins and key minerals. Some of the more notable ingredients include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K , Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin and Vitamin B12. Many of these vitamins are not usually found in the daily foods that people normally eat. With AM Essentials, people are able to get the nutrition they need to become more productive during the all-important morning hours.

PM Essentials

When the evening comes, many people begin to burnt out. At this point of the night, people will fill themselves up with a heavy dinner that is surprisingly low in nutrition. These empty calories are processed in the body as storage fat which can lead to weight gain and long term health complications. To provide the body with nutrition for the evening hours, PM Essentials provides 70 essential vitamins and key minerals. Some of the more notable ingredients includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folate and Vitamin B12.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has manufactured a full-line of health and wellness products that includes everything from anti-aging cream to health supplements and energy drinks. These products are sold through a team of global independent distributors. As they continue to develop new, innovate products, Jeunesse Global will seek to further innovate the health and wellness industry.