SEAL Awards Finds Befitting The Environmental Conservation Recognition

SEAL Awards is a non-governmental organization that predominantly focusses on environmental conservation and is actively involved in advocacy for like projects. It has three key pillars; the Environment Journalism Awards, Business Sustainability Awards and the Environmental Research Grants. It has been working closely with the media and business leaders who consciously choose to be involved in activities that manage climate change. has an ongoing recycling initiative that caught the attention of SEAL Awards, as the Founder, Matt Harney pointed out. This project has recycled a high volume of clothing waste and about 500,000 million toys throughout the country. This has had a significant impact on the environment, as the degradation score have gone down. For this and other eco-friendly activities is part of, the company received the honorary title of the SEAL Business Sustainability Award 2018. It was established that has in all phases engaged environment preservation and sustainability footprint that is a testament to its mission.

Libo Ma, the Corporate Social Responsibility head at was quick to express gratitude for this international recognition and promised to even more improve on its programs. Ma established that had indeed cut the edge in poverty alleviation, education, environmental conservation, social innovation, disaster relief and community empowerment. The company uses new technologies that are environmentally safe in all its endeavors sharing in its commitment to have a positive impact and be sustainable. The CSR head is excited that performance measures to not only focus on operations but also the business impact on the society and human empowerment. This recognition moved the honorary ranking to be in a list that comprises of giant brands such as Apple and Samsung.

About is an independent Chines Retailer founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 2004. Richard Liu is an Alumnus of the Renmin University of China. However, from an early age, he ventured into business thanks to special art learnt from his father who was a spices trader. Several establishments sadly fall apart but would revamp and get into another enterprise. He founded when his business was at the verge of collapsing and resorted to online trading to dispose of his ware. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it became more profitable and hence Jingdong.

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