Sandy Chin Wants To Pay Her Outstanding Mentorship Experience Forward

About Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin worked under the mentorship of Bill Leach for ten years. He was a long time top ranking senior analyst and she was the second associate he had work under him. She joined him on his team covering food stocks. He taught her the ins and outs of the entire stock picking system. Bill had over 20 years in the business at the time. Her hands-on experience has led her to put in over 20 years into the business, and to be an extraordinary portfolio manager today. She is the founder of Tidal Bore Capital, which is a hedge fund that was launched in 2016. Sandy Chin holds a BA in political science and an MBA from New York University.


Looking Forward To Mentoring

Sandy Chin would be more than happy to mentor people and help them find a path to building a great portfolio. One piece of advice she would offer a young associate is to not be afraid of asking for more. More includes opportunities, higher wages, promotions, participating in phone calls, and sitting in on meetings. She says go for more at every chance you get. The more hands-on experience you can get, the better you will be at picking stocks.


Why Sandy’s Mentor Was So Special

The most surprising thing about Sandy Chin’s mentor Bill Leach is that he was semi-retired when she contacted him to think about starting Tidal Bore Capital. It would be Chin’s first solo venture, but also the first long or short fund that was focused on consumer staples. Bill agreed and they worked really hard to create the fund. Today, is he fully retired, but they still keep in touch regularly to discuss stock ideas and their sector. The fact that Bill is still around post-retirement, teaching Sandy Chin things is extremely surprising. She couldn’t imagine being able to have any of her success without his influence.


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