Wes Edens Has Been Diversifying His Business Interests:

Wes Edens is one of the world’s most well known financial industry professionals and also the owner of several major professional sports franchises. He is also the creative mind behind the newest innovation in public transportation that is taking off in the United States. Before he got into the business of public transport and pro sports, Wes Edens first became famous in the financial industry due to his role founding Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded the alternative asset manager in 1998. The other co-founders of the outfit are Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Fortress went public in 2007 and then went on the recently become a part of SoftBank. These accomplishments are impressive enough, but Wes Edens has recently added some other impressive details to his legacy.

2014 saw Wes Edens realize his dream of becoming a major professional sports team owner. This was when he first became the co-owner of the Bucks basketball team based out of the Wisconsin city of Milwaukee. Becoming the owner of the Bucks was a huge accomplishment for Wes, but he has recently shown that he isn’t stopping there. Wes has also recently become a co-owner with Aston Villa, a famous soccer club based out of the U.K. The new ownership that includes Wes is determined to return this team to its past level of performance.

Wes Edens has also added another exciting venture to his already busy schedule. This is the newest public transportation craze in South Florida. The Brightline Train is Wes’s solution for commuters that go between Miami and Fort Lauderdale on a daily basis during the work week. This commute is notoriously problematic by car and the Brightline has made it much easier for many residents. All signs point to quick expansion of this company as other U.S. city combo’s with heavy commuter traffic is also interested in acquiring their own Brightline.

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